British academy

Sir Israel Gollancz Prize

This biennial prize in English studies, together with a lecture, was established through a bequest from Mrs Frida Mond in 1924. It was her intention to associate both prize and lecture with Sir Israel Gollancz, the first Secretary of the British Academy, ‘in token of a highly valued old friendship and his effort to further these studies’.

During Sir Israel’s lifetime, at his own request, the award was known as the Biennial Prize for English Literature, but, after his death in 1930, it became the Sir Israel Gollancz Prize. The prize is awarded either for published work of sufficient value on subjects connected with Anglo-Saxon, Early English Language and Literature, English Philology, or the History of English Language; or for original investigations connected with the history of English Literature or the works of English writers, with preference for the earlier period.

Nominating body: Section H8.