British academy

Officers and Council 2015-16

The Council is the governing body of the Academy. It is chaired by the President and comprises nine officers and 15 ordinary members.


Lord Stern of Brentford, President
Professor Michael Fulford, Treasurer (until November 2015)
Professor Sarah Worthington, Treasurer (post November 2015) 

Professor Ash Amin, Foreign Secretary & Vice-President
Professor John Baines, Vice-President (British Academy Sponsored Institutes and Societies)
Professor Alan Bowman
, Vice-President (Humanities)
Professor Vicki Bruce, Vice-President (Public Engagement)
Professor Colin Crouch, Vice-President, (Social Sciences)
Professor Roger Kain, Vice-President (Research and HE Policy)
Professor Iain McLean, Vice-President (Public Policy)
Professor Mary Morgan, Vice-President (Publications)

Ordinary Members of the Council 2015-16

Professor David Abulafia
Professor Simon Baron-Cohen
Professor Maxine Berg
Professor Archie Brown
Professor Gillian Clark
Professor Marianne Elliot
Professor Mary Fulbrook
Professor Deborah Howard
Professor Michael Keating
Professor John Marenbon
Professor Richard McCabe
Professor Tony Venables
Professor Nicholas Vincent
Professor Janet Watson
Professor Bencie Woll