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15 January 2009
The Alfredian project and its aftermath: rethinking the literary history of the 9th and 10th centuries
Sir Israel Gollancz Memorial Lecture, by Professor Malcolm Godden
Outputs: PBA paper (2009)

22 January 2009
The 'Winter of Discontent’ in British Politics
Panel Discussion
Outputs: presentation text; audio recording; BAR article (June 2009)

30 January 2009
The New Hypereides
Workshop (venue: Institute of Classical Studies, London)


4 February 2009
Energy and the Middle East
Lecture, by Sir Mark Allen - third in 'Politics and Energy' series of lectures, in partnership with the Mile End Group of Queen Mary, University of London (venue: Royal United Services Institute)
Outputs: BAR article (June 2009)

16-17 February 2009
Africa's Neglected Epidemic: Multidisciplinary Research, Intervention and Policy for Chronic Disease
Conference (venue: British Council, Accra, Ghana)
Outputs: conference report (2010); BAR article (October 2010)

24 February 2009
Civil Society in the age of Obama (Jon Van Til, Rutgers University) and A decade of Civil Society under New Labour (Colin Rochester, Roehampton University)
Two talks organised by ARVAC in association with the British Academy

26 February 2009
The history of romantic love in sub-Saharan Africa: between interest and emotion
Raleigh Lecture on History, by Professor Megan Vaughan FBA
Outputs: audio recording; PBA paper (2011)

27-28 February 2009
Beliefs and Ideology on Endangered Language
British Academy-supported conference (venue: SOAS, University of London)
Outputs: PBA volume (2014)


2 March 2009
‘The Strange Career of British Democracy’
British Academy Forum
Outputs: transcript; BAR article (June 2009)

4 March 2009
Gaelic in medieval Scotland: advent and expansion
Sir John Rhys Memorial Lecture, by Professor Thomas Clancy
Outputs: PBA paper (2011)

12 March 2009
Talent and Autism
Panel discussion (venue: Royal Society)
Outputs: video recording

16-17 March 2009
Imagining Jerusalem in the Medieval West
Conference (venue: University College, Oxford)
Outputs: PBA volume (2012)

20 March 2009
The Voluntary Sector in British Society
Outputs: BAR article (June 2009); British Academy Original Paperback (2011)

21-22 March 2009
From Plunder to Preservation - Britain and the ‘Heritage’ of Empire, c. 1820-1940
Conference (venue: Cambridge Victorian Studies Group, University of Cambridge)
Outputs: PBA volume (2013)

26 March 2009
Leon Battista Alberti and the redirection of Renaissance humanism
Italian Lecture, by Professor Martin McLaughlin
Outputs: PBA paper (2011)

27 March 2009
The Nairobi Report: Frameworks for Africa-UK Research Collaboration in the Social Sciences and Humanities
Launch of British Academy report

31 March 2009
Rescuing the Housing Market
Panel Discussion
Outputs: audio recordings


2 April 2009
Civil War and Foreign Intervention in Spain
Panel Discussion
Outputs: audio recordings

22 April 2009
British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship Symposium
Presentations, showcasing work of BA Postdoctoral Fellows
Outputs: poster presentations; BAR article (June 2009)

23 April 2009
Shakespeare, oaths and vows

Shakespeare Lecture, by Professor John Kerrigan
Outputs: audio recording; PBA paper (2011)

24-25 April 2009
The Role of Labour Standards in Sustainable Development: Theory in Practice
Outputs: British Academy Original Paperback (2011)


1 May 2009
Colombia: Recent Research in History, Literature and Film
Latin America Research Seminar

21-22 May 2009
Writing the history of the global
Outputs: British Academy Original Paperback (2013)

27 May 2009
Surrealism and its legacies in Latin America
The British Academy Lecture, by Professor Dawn Adès
Outputs: audio recording; PBA paper (2011)


1 June 2009
Academic Publishing in the Humanities and Social Sciences

3 June 2009
Language matters
Launch of British Academy report

6 June 2009
Isaiah Berlin Centenary
A Celebration (venue: Wolfson College, Oxford)

6 June 2009
A Humanist's Conversation with the Twentieth Century
Isaiah Berlin Lecture, by Dr James H Billington, 4.00pm
Outputs: audio recording; BAR article (November 2009)

8 June 2009
Are Today's Researchers equipped for the Digital Future?
Panel Discussion (in partnership with the British Library)

11-13 June 2009
Brokers of Change: Atlantic Commerce and Cultures in Precolonial 'Guinea of Cape Verde'
Conference (venue: University of Birmingham)
Outputs: PBA volume (2012)

17 June 2009
The Global Financial Crisis – Why Didn’t Anybody Notice?
British Academy Forum
Outputs: letter to The Queen; BAR article (November 2009)

24 June 2009
New Greek Texts from Oxyrhynchus
Workshop and panel discussion
Outputs: BAR article (November 2009)

29-30 June 2009
Darwin Conference
Joint British Academy, Royal Society, and American Philosophical Society conference (venue: Cambridge)
Outputs: BAR articles (November 2009, March 2010)


9-11 July 2009
Sound, Space and Object: The Aural, the Visual and the Tactile in Early Modern French and Italian Music Rooms
Conference (venue: CRASSH, Cambridge)
Outputs: PBA volume (2012)

10 July 2009
Two Decades of Military Interventions: Questions of Law, Morality and Effectiveness
British Academy Forum
Outputs: BAR article (November 2009)


2-3 September 2009
Art History in Central Europe: The Vienna School and its Legacy

23 September 2009
Reassessing the 1970s

Panel Discussion, 7.00pm
Outputs: audio recordings; BAR article (November 2009)

24-26 September 2009
Ethics and Politics Beyond Borders: The Work of Onora O'Neill

29 September 2009
Positive Psychology and Positive Education
Joint British Academy/British Psychological Society Lecture, by  Professor Martin Seligman, 5.30pm (venue: Friends House)

30 September 2009
British Academy Medals and Prizes Ceremony 2009
Annual awards ceremony


15 October 2009
The Collapse of Communism in Europe: A Re-examination 20 Years After
Panel discussion
Outputs: audio recordings; BAR article (November 2009)

19-22 October 2009
British Academy Literature Week

Monday 19 October 2009
17th Century Poetry and Drama:

The Authors of King Edward III
Sir Brian Vickers FBA in conversation with Laurie Maguire, 5.00pm
Outputs: audio recording; handout; BAR article (2009)

Donne, By Hand
Chatterton Lecture on Poetry, by Dr Tom Lockwood, 6.30pm
Outputs: audio recording; handout; PBA paper (2011)

Tuesday 20 October 2009
T S Eliot:

Attention to Eliot (and others)
Sir Christopher Ricks FBA in conversation with Professor Hermione Lee FBA, 5.00pm
Outputs: audio recording

T S Eliot's Daughter
Warton Lecture on Engish Poetry, by Professor Robert Cawford, 6.30pm
Outputs: audio recording; PBA paper (2011)

Wednesday 21 October 2009
American Writers on the English Stage:

American Writers on the English Stage
Lindsay Posner and Allan Corduner in conversation with Professor Jonathan Bate FBA, 5.00pm
Outputs: audio recording

Arthur Miller: Poet of the Theatre
Sarah Tryphena Phillips Lecture in American Literature, by Professor Christopher Bigsby, 6.30pm
Outputs: audio recording; PBA paper (2011)

Thursday 22 October 2009
Contemporary Poetry in the Theatre:

The Josephine Hart Poetry Hour
Performance event, 5.00pm
Outputs: audio recording

Beyond Verse?
Panel discussion, 6.30pm
Outputs: audio recording

26 October 2009
'The New British Constitution': Democracy and Participation
British Academy Forum
Outputs: transcript

27 October 2009
Did Civil Resistance End the Soviet Empire?
Panel discussion, 6.30pm
Outputs: audio recordings

29 October 2009
The British Industrial Revolution in a Global Perspective
Keynes Lecture in Economics, by Professor Robert C Allen FBA, 5.30pm
Outputs: PBA paper (2011)


2-3 November 2009
Affirmative Action in the Labour Market: International Perspectives

9-10 November 2009
Water and Society: Past, Present and Future

10 November 2009
Shitao and the Traditional Chinese Conception of Ruins
Aspects of Art Lecture, by Professor Hung Wu, 5.30pm
Outputs: audio recording; PBA paper (2011)

16 November 2009
The Global Economic Challenges – Where do we go from here?
British Academy Forum
Outputs: summary note

17 November 2009
Anthropology in the Territory of Rights - Human or Otherwise
Radcliffe-Brown Lecture in Social Anthropology, by Professor Lila Abu-Lughod, 5.30pm
Outputs: audio recording; PBA paper (2011)

19 November 2009
SAGE Policy forum

Four sessions around the theme of evidence based policy and the use of science and research by government.
Outputs: audio recordings; presentation slides

21 November 2009
Moctezuma's Feast
Study day held at the British Museum in partnership with the Mexican Embassy
Outputs: BAR article (March 2010)

24 November 2009
Our Unwritten Constitution
Maccabaean Lecture in Jurisprudence, by Professor Sir John Baker, 5.30pm
Outputs: audio recording; PBA paper (2011)

26 November 2009
Distinguishing 'Religious' from 'Economic'

27 November 2009
Alexander von Humboldt and America

27 November 2009
Broadening the Mind: Tavellers in Latin America
Panel discussion, 7.00pm

27 November 2009
Did South-East Asia Learn the Right Lessons from the 1997-98 Financial Crisis?
Dr Jomo Kwame Sundaram
ASEASUK lecture held at SOAS in partnership with the British Academy
Outputs: audio recording; presentation slides

27-28 November 2009
Obesity: The Welfare Regime Hypothesis
Conference (venue: St Anne’s College, Oxford)
Outputs: BAR article (March 2010); PBA volume (2012)


3 December 2009
Timely Flowers: Seasonal Imagery and its Meaning in Chinese Paintings and Porcelain
Elsley Zeitlyn Lecture on Chinese Archaeology and Culture, by Jan Stuart, 5.30pm
Outputs: PBA paper (2011)

10-11 December 2009
Race Relations: The Portuguese-Speaking World in Comparative Perspective
British Academy-supported conference (venue: King's College London)
Outputs: PBA volume (2012)

14-15 December 2009
The Crisis of the Absolute Monarchy
British Academy-supported conference
Outputs: PBA volume (2013)

15 December 2009
Financial and economic horizon-scanning: developing an early warning capacity
British Academy Forum
Outputs: letter to The Queen; BAR article (March 2010)