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Re-thinking the Middle East:
Values, Interests and Security Concerns in Western Policies toward Iraq and the Wider region, 1918–2010

Wednesday 17 - Friday 19 March 2010
The British Academy, 10 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1

Organising team: Dr Lars Berger, Dr Sarah Leonard, Dr Christian Kaunert, Dr Gaynor Johnson, (all Salford University)

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Twice within the last one hundred years, Western
powers have tried to significantly alter the configuration of the Middle Eastern political order.

In analysing the interactions of regional and outside powers, this comparative and interdisciplinary conference will bring together political practitioners and historians, political scientists, and international relations scholars.

Keynote lectures delivered by Professor Charles Tripp (SOAS) and Professor Erik Goldstein (Boston University).

Reflecting the overall conference theme, political scientists and historians will assess the foreign policies of important external powers towards Iraq and the wider regions as well as the constructions and narratives accompanying/justifying specific policies, with a particular focus on EU-Middle East relations and US policies.

In order to avoid a narrow Western-centred perspective, the conference also examines the policies of influential domestic Iraqi political actors and other regional powers, whose international role has been affected by the political developments in Iraq.

About the speakers

Plenary sessions feature not only prominent Iraqi commentators including former national security adviser, Dr Muaffaq al-Rubaie, and Dr Mouyad al-Windawi, formerly with the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, but also international academic observers Professor Eric Davis (Rutgers University), Professor Isam al-Khafaji (Amsterdam), and Dr Reidar Visser (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs).

This Conference is sponsored by British Academy, the British Institute for the Study of Iraq, the British International Studies Association - Working Group on International Mediterranean Studies and Salford University.