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Past events 2003

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18 February 2003
Does Philosophy Matter?
Panel discussion organised by the British Academy and The Philosophers' Magazine

19 February 2003
Charity and Usury: Jewish and Christian Lending in Renaissance and Early Modern Italy
Italian Lecture, by Professor Brian Pullan FBA
Outputs: audio recording; PBA paper (2004)

21 February 2003
37th British Academy Conversazione, between Professor Robert Hinde FRS FBA and Dr Margaret Aston FBA

24 March 2003
Oh Brave New World? The Union of Scotland and England in 1603
Joint British Academy / Royal Society of Edinburgh Special Lecture, by Dr Jenny Wormald
Outputs: PBA paper (2005)

25 March 2003
Voicing medieval English poetry
Warton Lecture on English Poetry, by Dr Christopher Page

27-28 March 2003
Old and New Worlds in Greek Onomastics
Conference organised by the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names together with the British Epigraphy Society (venue: St Hilda's College, Oxford)
Outputs: PBA volume (2007)

3-5 April 2003
Aspects of the Language of Latin Prose - An Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Classical and Medieval Latin
Conference (venue: University of Oxford)
Outputs: PBA volume (2005)

11 April 2003
2003 British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship Symposium
Presentations, showcasing work of BA Postdoctoral Fellows

23 April 2003
The Foundations of Shakespeare's Text
Shakespeare Lecture, by Professor Henry Woudhuysen

Outputs: PBA paper (2004)

7 May 2003
Michael Drayton and the Burden of History
Chatterton Lecture on Poetry, by Professor Andrew Hadfield
Outputs: audio recording; PBA paper (2004)

8 May 2003
Who Owns Academic Knowledge
38th British Academy Conversazione, between Dame Marilyn Strathern FBA and Mr Alain Pottage

28 May 2003
The Crescent and the City of the Sun: Islam and the Renaissance Utopia of Tommaso Campanella
Elie Kedourie Memorial Lecture, by Dr Noel Malcolm FBA

Outputs: PBA paper (2004)

18 June 2003
The British Constitution - Can We Learn from History?
Panel discussion (chaired by Lord Wilson of Dinton)
Outputs: BAR article (2005)

17-18 September 2003
Anglo-Scottish relations 1603-1914
Conference organised jointly with the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Outputs: PBA volume (2005)

26-27 September 2003
Unity and Diversity in European Culture c. 1800
Outputs: PBA volume (2006)

9 October 2003
Thinking in threes: the triad in early Irish literature
Sir John Rhys Memorial Lecture, by Professor Fergus Kelly
Outputs: audio recording; PBA paper (2004)

16 October 2003
Scholarship and the musical: reclaiming Jerome Kern
Aspects of Art Lecture, by Professor Stephen Banfield

Outputs: PBA paper (2004)

23 October 2003
The rule of law in international affairs
Maccabaean Lecture in Jurisprudence, by Professor Brian Simpson FBA
Outputs: PBA paper (2004); BAR article (2005)

29 October 2003
Economics for consumer policy
Keynes Lecture in Economics, by Professor John Vickers FBA

Outputs: PBA paper (2004)

30 October 2003
The Redescription of Enlightenment
Isaiah Berlin Lecture, by Professor John Pocock FBA
Outputs: audio recording; PBA paper (2004)

3 November 2003
Caring for Nature: Sources and Conflicts of Modern Environmentalism

5 November 2003
Abraham Lincoln: The Great Emancipator?
Sarah Tryphena Phillips Lecture, by Professor Eric Foner FBA
Outputs: audio recording; PBA paper (2004); BAR article (2005)

6 November 2003
The Huxley Wilberforce Debate Revisited
39th British Academy Conversazione, between Professor Janet Browne and Mr John Lucas FBA

6-7 November 2003
England and Scotland in Union from 1603. Anglo-Scottish relations: Past, Present, Future
Conference organised jointly with the Royal Society of Edinburgh (venue: RSE)
Outputs: PBA volume (2005)

11 November 2003
The Geography of Descent
Radcliffe-Brown Lecture in Social Anthropology, by Professor Gillian Feeley-Harnik
Outputs: audio recording; PBA paper (2004)

14 November 2003
Ethnic Minority Disadvantage in the Labour Market: Cross-National Perspectives
Outputs: BAR article (2005); PBA volume (2007)

18 November 2003
Revenants and Migrants: Hardy, Butler, Woolf and Sebald
The British Academy Lecture, by Dame Gillian Beer FBA

Outputs: PBA paper (2004)

26 November 2003
The Nation Within: India at war 1939-45
Raleigh Lecture on History, by Professor Christopher Bayly FBA

Outputs: audio recording; PBA paper (2004); BAR article (2005)

3 December 2003
Working memory and learning during school years
Joint British Academy/British Psychological Society Lecture, by Professor Sue Gathercole
Outputs: audio recording; PBA paper (2004)

4 December 2003
Carving Stone Sutras before the World Ends: The Inscription of 1118 CE at Cloud Dwelling Monastery near Beijing
Elsley Zeitlyn Lecture in Chinese Archaeology, by Professor Lothar Ledderose FBA
Outputs: PBA paper (2004)