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Record for: ALEXANDER, Professor Robin

Post: Fellow of Wolfson College, University of Cambridge; Professor of Education Emeritus, University of Warwick; Honorary Professor of Education, University of York

Specialisms: Education: culture, policy, pedagogy, comparative analysis

Principal publications:
Children, their World, their Education: final report and recommendations of the Cambridge Primary Review (editor and lead author), 2010 Routledge
The Cambridge Primary Review Research Surveys (co-editor), 2010 Routledge
Essays on Pedagogy, 2007 Routledge
Culture and Pedagogy, 2001 Wiley
Learning from Comparing: new directions in comparative educational research (with D.Phillios et al), 1999 Symposium
Policy and Practice in Primary Education, 1997 Routledge
Versions of Primary Education, 1995 Routledge

Elected to the Fellowship: 2011 § S4