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Record for: SARACENO, Professor Chiara

Post: Honorary Professor, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin

Specialisms: Intergenerational relationships in families & society; Social policies & poverty; Comparative family patterns & policies; Gender inequalities; Issues of reconciliation of family & work.

Honorary Fellow Collegio Carlo Alberto (2012-)

Principal publications:
Does Cohabitation Lead to Weaker Intergenerational Bonds Than Marriage? A Comparison Between Italy and the United Kingdom (with T. Nazio, European Sociological Review, advance access, 18.1.2012
- Childcare needs and childcare policies: A multidimensional issue, Current Sociology, 59 (1) 2011
Families and family policies (with J. Lewis and A. Leira), 2012
Conciliare famiglia e lavoro (with M. Naldini), 2011
Towards an integrated approach for the analysis of gender equity in policies supporting paid work and care responsibilities (with W. Keck), Demographic Research, 2011
) Families, Ageing and Social Policy. Intergenerational Solidarity in European Welfare States,, 2008
Can we identify intergenerational policy regimes in Europe? (with W.Keck), European Societies, 12 (5) 2010

Elected to the Fellowship: 2011 § S4