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Record for: SARACENO, Professor Chiara

Post: Honorary Professor, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin

Specialisms: Intergenerational relationships in families & society; Social policies & poverty; Comparative family patterns & policies; Gender inequalities; Issues of reconciliation of family & work.

Honorary Fellow Collegio Carlo Alberto (2012-)

Principal publications:
Does Cohabitation Lead to Weaker Intergenerational Bonds Than Marriage? A Comparison Between Italy and the United Kingdom (with T. Nazio, European Sociological Review, advance access, 18.1.2012
Il lavoro non basta. La povertà in Europa negli anni della crisi, 2015, Feltrinelli, Milano
English “Trends and tensions within the Italian family, The Oxford Handbook of Italian Politics (E. Jones and G. Pasquino eds), 2015 OUP
A Critical Look to the Social Investment Approach from a Gender Perspective, Social Politics, 22, 2, 2015
Families and family policies (with J. Lewis and A. Leira), 2012
Can we identify intergenerational policy regimes in Europe? (with W.Keck), European Societies, 12 (5) 2010

Elected to the Fellowship: 2011 § S4