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Record for: EVANS, Professor Nick

Post: Laureate Professor and Director, ARC Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University

Specialisms: An anthropologist linguist. In addition to primary work recording the endangered indigenous languages of Australia & New Guinea, he has written widely on their implications for linguistics, cognitive science, anthropology, prehistory & other fields

Principal publications:
Dying Words: Endangered Languages and What They Have to Tell Us, 2010
The Myth of Language Universals., Behavioral & Brain Sciences 32: 429-448 (with Stephen Levinson), 2009
Bininj Gun-wok: a pan-dialectal grammar of Mayali, Kunwinjku and Kune, 2003
In the mind's ear: the semantic extensions of perception verbs in Australian languages, Language 76.3:546-592 (with David Wilkins), 2000
Archaeology and Linguistics: Global Perspectives on Ancient Australia, (ed., with Patrick McConvell), 1997
A Grammar of Kayardild, 1995

Elected to the Fellowship: 2011 § H4