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Record for: BOA, Professor Elizabeth

Post: Emeritus Professor of German, University of Nottingham

Specialisms: German literature and culture from the 18th century to the present day; modernist literature, especially Kafka and Thomas Mann; feminist theory and contemporary women's writing

Emeritus Professor of German, University of Nottingham University of Nottingham (1996-2001)
Lecturer in German University of Nottingham (1965-1994)
Professor of German The University of Manchester (1994-1996)
Professor of German University of Nottingham (1996-2002)

Principal publications:
Heimat - a German Dream: Regional Loyalties and National Identity in German Culture 1890-1990, 2000
Kafka: Gender, Class and Race in the Letters and Fictions, 1996
The Sexual Circus: Wedekind's Theatre of Subversion, 1987

Elected to the Fellowship: 2003 § H6