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Record for: ELLEN, Professor Roy

Post: Emeritus Professor of Anthropology and Human Ecology, University of Kent

Specialisms: Anthropology of the environment, cultural cognition, ethnobiological knowledge systems; eastern Indonesia

Emeritus Professor of Anthropology and Human Ecology University of Kent (2012-)
Research student and lecturer London School of Economics and Political Science (1968-1973)
Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader and Professor University of Kent (1973-2006)

Principal publications:
Nuaulu Religious Practices: The Frequency and Reproduction of Rituals in a Moluccan Society, 2012
The categorical Impulse: Collected Essays in the Anthropology of Classifying Behaviour, 2005
On the edge of the Banda zone: past and present in the social organization of a Moluccan trading network, 2003
The Cultural Relations of Classification: An Analysis of Nuaulu Animal Categories from Central Seram, 1993
Nuaulu Ethnozoology: A Systematic Inventory, 1993
Environment, subsistence and system: the ecology of small-scale social formations, 1982
Nuaulu Settlement and Ecology: The Environmental Relations of an Eastern Indonesian Community, 1978

Elected to the Fellowship: 2003 § S3