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Record for: GLUCKSMANN, Professor Miriam

Post: Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Essex; Visiting Professor of Sociology, London School of Economics

Specialisms: Gender and Sexuality Studies, Social Divisions and Inequalities, Sociology of Other, e.g. work, media, etc., Sociology

Emeritus Professor of Sociology University of Essex (2015-)
Visiting Professor of Sociology London School of Economics and Political Science (2015-)
Senior Lecturer South Bank University (1973-1990)
Hallsworth Visiting Research Fellow University of Manchester (1990-1991)
Professor of Sociology, University of Essex University of Essex (1996-2015)

Principal publications:
Household Recycling and Consumption Work: Social and Moral Economies, 2015
A New Sociology of Work?, 2005
Cottons and Casuals: The Gendered Organisation of Labour in Time and Space, 2000
Women Assemble: Women Workers and the New Industries in Inter-war Britain, 1990
Women on the Line, 1982, 2009
Structuralist Analysis in Contemporary Social Thought, 1974; 2014

Elected to the Fellowship: 2005 § S4