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Record for: VAN GELDER, Professor Geert Jan

Post: Laudian Professor of Arabic Emeritus, University of Oxford

Specialisms: Middle East; Middle Eastern and African Languages and Literatures

Laudian Professor of Arabic Emeritus, University of Oxford University of Oxford (1995-)
Lecturer in Arabic University of Groningen, Netherlands (1975-1998)

Principal publications:
Sound and Sense in Classical Arabic Poetry, Wiesbaden, 2012
Abu l-`Ala' al-Ma`arri, The Epistle of Forgiveness, ed. and tr. (with Gregor Schoeler), New York, 2013
Classical Arabic Literature: A Library of Arabic Literature Anthology, New York, 2013
Close Relationships: Incest and Inbreeding in Classical Arabic Literature, 2005
The Bad and the Ugly: Attitudes towards Invective Poetry (Hija) in Classical Arabic Literature, 1988
Beyond the Line: Classical Arabic Literary Critics on the Coherence and Unity of the Poem, 1982

Elected to the Fellowship: 2005 § H3