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Record for: SILLITOE, Professor Paul

Post: Professor of Anthropology, University of Durham

Specialisms: Social & Cultural Anthropology, Other Branches, Human Ecology and Environment, Ethnosciences, Development Anthropology, Anthropology

Professor of Anthropology, University of Durham University of Durham (1997-)
Simon Fellow University of Manchester (1978-1980)
Lecturer LaTrobe University (1980-1984)

Principal publications:
Built in Niugini: constructions in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, 2016
From land to mouth: the agricultural 'economy' of the Wola of the New Guinea Highlands, 2010
Managing animals in New Guinea: preying the game in the Highlands, 2003
A place against time: land and environment in the Papua New Guinea Highlands, 1996
Made in Niugini: technology in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, 1988
Roots of the earth: the cultivation and classification of crops in the Papua New Guinea highlands, 1983
Give and take : exchange in Wola society, 1979

Elected to the Fellowship: 2006 § S3