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Record for: BROWNING, Professor Martin

Post: Professor of Economics, University of Oxford

Specialisms: Applied microeconometrics with an emphasis on structural modelling of individual behaviour; intra-household decision making; demand analysis; accounting for heterogeneity; survey design

Professor of Economics, University of Oxford University of Oxford (2006-)
Professor of Economics McMaster University (1986-1998)
Professor of Economics Copenhagen University (1998-2006)

Principal publications:
Nonparametric Engel Curves and Revealed Preference, Econometrica, 2003
Efficient Intra-Household Allocations: A General Characterisation and Empiracal Tests, Econometrica, 1998
A Profitable Approach to Labor Supply and Commodity Demand Over the Life-Cycle, Econometrica, 1985

Elected to the Fellowship: 2008 § S2