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Record for: CLAHSEN, Professor Harald

Post: Professor of Psycholinguistics and Multilingualism, University of Potsdam; Director, Potsdam Research Institute of Multilingualism (PRIM)

Specialisms: Psycholinguistics; first and second language acquisition, developmental and acquired language disorders, the experimental study of language processing in different languages

Research Fellow in Linguistics University of Hamburg (1981-1982)
Lecturer in Linguistics University of Düsseldorf (1983-1993)

Principal publications:
Clahsen, H. and C. Felser. Grammatical processing in language learners. Applied Psycholinguistics 27: 3-42. [KEYNOTE ARTICLE], 2006
Clahsen, H, Sonnenstuhl, I., Hadler, M. and S. Eisenbeiss. The mental representation of inflected words: an experimental study of adjectives and verbs in German. Language 77: 510-543., 2001
Clahsen, H. 1999. Lexical entries and rules of language: a multi-disciplinary study of German inflection. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22: 991-1013. [KEYNOTE ARTICLE], 1999

Elected to the Fellowship: 2008 § H4