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Record for: TILEY, Professor John, CBE, QC (Hon) (25/02/1941-30/06/2013)

Post: Emeritus Professor of the Law of Taxation, University of Cambridge and Fellow, Queens' College

Specialisms: Tax law; relationship between tax and other areas of law; ways in which tax law develops e.g. in countering tax avoidance; systems in force in other countries; history of tax law

Lecturer in Law University of Birmingham (1964-1967)
Various offices, Law Faculty University of Cambridge (1967-1990)

Principal publications:
Revenue law, 6th ed 2008
Tax Avoidance Jurisprudence as Normal Law, British Tax Review 304-331, 2004
Judicial Anti Avoidance Doctrines - a series of four articles, British Tax Review, 1987 and 1988

Elected to the Fellowship: 2008 § S1