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Record for: HEYES, Professor Cecilia

Post: Senior Research Fellow in Theoretical Life Sciences and Professor of Psychology, University of Oxford

Specialisms: Experimental and theoretical psychology: evolutionary, developmental and cultural origins of cognitive processes; animal cognition; social cognition; social learning; imitation

Professor of Psychology University College London (1989-2008)

Principal publications:
The cultural evolution of mind reading, Science, 344, 1243091, 2014
Where do mirror neurons come from?, Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews, vol 34, pp 575-583, 2010
Sensorimotor learning configures the human mirror system, Current Biology, vol 17, pp 1527-1531, 2007
Four routes of cognitive evolution, Psychological Review, vol 110, pp 713-727, 2003
Theory of mind in nonhuman primates, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, vol. 21, pp. 101-114, 1998
Social learning in animals: categories and mechanisms, Biological Reviews, Vol 69, pp 207-231, 1994

Elected to the Fellowship: 2010 § S6