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Record for: FAWCETT, Professor James

Post: Emeritus Professor of Law, University of Nottingham

Specialisms: Private International Law: principles, theory and comparative aspects; application to intellectual property and international sale of goods; influence of human rights law on private international law

Emeritus Professor of Law University of Nottingham (2014-)
Professor of Private International Law University of Nottingham (2013-2014)

Principal publications:
Fawcett, Ni Shuilleabhain and Shah , Human Rights and Private International Law, 2016 (forthcoming)
Human Rights and Private International Law, 2016 (forthcoming)
Fawcett, Harris and Bridge, International Sale of Goods in the Conflict of Laws, 2005
Fawcett and Torremans, Intellectual Property and Private, 1998 and 2nd ed 2011
Declining Jurisdiction in Private International Law edited by Fawcett, 1995
Product Liability in Private International Law: A European Perspective, 1993 238 Hague Recueil des cours 1-246
Cheshire, North and Fawcett, Private International Law, 11th ed 1987, 12th ed 1992, 13th ed 1999, 14th ed 2008

Elected to the Fellowship: 2010 § S1