British academy


On election, all Fellows are assigned to one of 18 broad disciplinary Sections spanning the humanities and social sciences. Fellows may also become members of an additional Section, according to the range of their scholarly expertise.

The Sections are further subdivided into two Groups, for the humanities and social sciences. These Groups were established mainly for electoral purposes, but also to conduct other business falling within their disciplinary coverage.

Humanities Sections

H1 Classical Antiquity (Chair: Professor Simon Hornblower)
H1 Classical Antiquity (Chair: Professor Chris Carey)
H2 Theology and Religious Studies (Chair: Professor Philip Alexander)
H3 Africa, Asia and the Middle East (Chair: Professor Clive Holes)
H4 Linguistics and Philology (Chair: Professor Aditi Lahiri)
H5 Early Modern Languages and Literatures to 1830 (Chair: Professor Richard McCabe)
H6 Modern Languages, Literatures and other Media from 1830 (Chair: Professor Celia Britton)
H7 Archaeology (Chair: Professor Colin Haselgrove)
H8 Medieval Studies (Chair: Professor Helen Cooper)
H9 Early Modern History to 1850 (Chair: Professor Hamish Scott)
H10 Modern History from 1850 (Chair: Professor Robert Gildea)
H11 History of Art and Music (Chair: Professor Roger Parker)
H12 Philosophy (Chair: Professor Jane Heal)
Cultural, Communications, Media and Performance Studies (CCMPS) Ginger Group (Chair: Professor Ian Christie)

Social Science Sections

S1 Law (Chair: Professor Hugh Collins)
S2 Economics and Economic History (Chair: Professor Rachel Griffith)
S3 Anthropology and Geography (Chair: Professor Roy Ellen)
S4 Sociology, Demography and Social Statistics (Chair: Professor John Gray)
S5 Political Studies: Political Theory, Government and International Relations (Chair: Professor Richard English)
S6 Psychology (Chair: Professor Mark Williams)
Management and Business Studies (MBS) Ginger Group (Chair: Professor Andrew Pettigrew)
Education Ginger Group (Chair: Professor Stephen Ball)