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Record for: BRADDICK, Professor Oliver, FMedSci

Post: Emeritus Professor of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford

Specialisms: Visual perception and its development in early childhood; in particular, spatial, motion, binocular vision, and vision for action, and their underlying brain mechanisms in typical development and developmental disorders

Principal publications:
Development of human visual function, Vision Research, 51, 1588-1609, 2011
Normal and anomalous development of visual motion processing: motion coherence and ‘dorsal stream vulnerability’, Neuropsychologia, 41, 1769-1784, 2003
Form and motion coherence activate independent, but not dorsal/ventral segregated, networks in the human brain, Current Biology, 10: 731-734, 2000
Segmentation versus integration in visual motion processing, Trends in Neurosciences 16: 263-268, 1993
Cortical binocularity in infants, Nature, 228; 363-365, 1980
A short-range process in apparent motion, Vision Research 14: 519-527, 1974

Elected to the Fellowship: 2012 § S6