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Record for: BREWIN, Professor Chris

Post: Professor of Clinical Psychology, University College London

Specialisms: Clinical psychology; phenomenology, diagnosis, neural basis, & treatment of depression & post-traumatic stress disorder; psychological care following major incidents

Principal publications:
Embodying self-compassion within virtual reality and its effects on patients with depression, British Journal of Psychiatry Open, 2016, 2, 74-80
Episodic memory, perceptual memory, and their interaction: Foundations for a theory of posttraumatic stress disorder, Psychological Bulletin, 2014, 140, 69-97
Intrusive images and memories in psychological disorders: Characteristics, neural basis, and treatment implications, Psychological Review, 2010, 117, 210-232
Imagery rescripting as a brief stand-alone treatment for depressed patients with intrusive memories, Behaviour Research and Therapy, 2009, 47, 569-576
Posttraumatic stress disorder: Malady or myth?, New Haven: Yale University, 2003
Psychopathology and early experience - a reappraisal of retrospective reports, Psychological Bulletin, 1993, 113, 82-98.

Elected to the Fellowship: 2012 § S6