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International Partnerships Scheme (Africa/Middle East/South Asia)

The International Partnerships Scheme ran from 2009 to 2011, bringing together three of the Academy’s previous schemes: UK-Africa Partnership Scheme (2006-2008), UK-Middle East Capacity Sharing Partnerships Scheme (2008) and South Asia Partnerships Scheme (2008). The International Partnerships Scheme has been discontinued and replaced by a new International Partnership and Mobility scheme.

The Academy made 46 awards under the International Partnerships Scheme and its predecessors between 2006 and 2011.

The International Partnerships Scheme provided awards of up to £10,000 a year for up to three years to support the development of ongoing links between research centres or institutions, within the humanities and social sciences in the UK and in Africa, the Middle East or South Asia. Partnerships were built around a specific research theme of mutual interest. This was carried forward through visits in both directions; workshops; seminars and lecture programmes; collaborative research; and joint publications. The programme ideally involved participation from more than one overseas institution, and might also involve more than one department/university/group/research centre in the UK.

The scheme was intended to foster links between the UK and Africa, the Middle East or South Asia, with an emphasis on helping scholars to develop research skills and to produce a joint research outcome. Priority was given to projects with a training element. The scheme was intended to benefit early-career scholars from both the UK and overseas, and projects were highly regarded where they included junior academics from both sides.

See awards made in:

2011: Africa, Middle East, South Asia

2010: Africa, Middle East, South Asia

2009: Africa, Middle East, South Asia

2008: Africa, Middle East, South Asia

2007: Africa

2006: Africa


Dr J Fontein 
University of Edinburgh
Transforming Bodies: Health, Migration and Violence in Southern Africa
Dr E Venables (Wits Institute for Sexual & Reproductive Health, HIV and other Related Diseases; South Africa)

Dr W R Graham 
Coventry University
Action Research as a tool for the improvement of first year academic writing programmes in Ethiopian universities
Dr A Hailu (Addis Ababa University; Ethiopia)

Dr J Manton 
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Medical Research, Development and Memory in Colonial and Postcolonial Nigeria
Dr G Chouin (Institut Français de Recherche en Afrique; Nigeria)

Dr J Stiebert 
University of Leeds
Biblical Studies in Southern Africa and the UK in Dialogue: Trends and Challenges
Professor M W Dube (University of Botswana; Botswana)

Dr ALB Boozer 
University of Reading
MAP: Meroe Archival Project
Dr IE Elzein (University of Khartoum; Sudan)

Professor M Breen-Smyth 
University of Surrey
On the Receiving End: towards more critical and inclusive perspectives on international intervention
Professor H Baumgarten (Birzeit University; Palestine)

Dr A Valassopoulos 
University of Manchester
Contemporary Arab Cinema
Dr I Hamam (American University; Egypt)

Professor M Fafchamps
University of Oxford
Understanding and Addressing Rural Poverty in Pakistan: Oxford-Lahore School Collaboration
Dr N Hamid (Lahore School of Economics; Pakistan)

Dr S Madon 
London School of Economics and Political Science
Improving systems of accountability for primary healthcare delivery in rural Karnataka, India
Professor S Krishna (Indian Institute of Management Bangalore; India)

Dr LM Tillin 
King's College London
Comparative Political Analysis and Public Policy in India's Federal Context
Mr S Kumar
(Centre for the Study of Developing Societies; India)£29700


Professor J E Plastow 
University of Leeds
Developing East African Theatre for Development for the 21st Century
Dr P Mangeni (Makerere University; Uganda)

Professor J Silverman 
University of Bedfordshire
Role of the Media in Transitional Justice
Mrs B Cole (University of Sierra Leone; Sierra Leone)

Dr M Wykes 
University of Sheffield
Prosecuting sexual violence: a comparative study of England and South Africa
Dr L Artz (University of Capetown; South Africa)

Dr N C Pratt
University of Warwick
Reconceptualising Gender: Transnational Perspectives
Dr I Jad (Birzeit University; PALESTINE)

Dr E Reed 
University of Exeter
Religion in the Public Sphere: Comparing the Iranian and British Experiences
Professor S Haghighat (Mofid University, Qom; Iran)

Professor G Wisker
University of Brighton
Collaborative learning circles: Developing female academics as researchers and supervisors in the social sciences and humanities
Professor S Baban (Univerity of Kurdistan-Hawler; Iraq)

Dr S E Hodges 
University of Warwick
Science, Technology and Medicine in India, 1930-2000: The Problem of Poverty
Professor M Rao (Jawaharlal Nehru University; India)

Dr E G Kahrs 
University of Cambridge
Towards a critical edition of the Kasikavrtti
Professor M A Kulkarni (Indian Institute of Technology; India)

Dr R Tomber 
British Museum
Indian Ocean trade and the archaeology of technology
Professor P Cherian (Kerala Council for Historical Research; India)


Dr I de la Torre 
University College London
The early Acheulean in Olduvai: training and heritage conservation in northern Tanzania
Dr J Njau (National Natural History Museum; Tanzania)

Dr L K Schuster 
City University
The impact of deportation from Europe to Africa
Dr C G Dolan (Makerere University Uganda; Uganda)

Dr J I S Shoba 
Edge Hill University
Language Practices and Values among Young People in Ghana
Professor K Dako (University of Ghana; Ghana)

Dr A Daoudi 
University of Durham
Computer-mediated communication and its impacts on the Arab World
Dr A Al-Issa (American University of Sharjah; United Arab Emirates)

Dr V Mason 
Lancaster University
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the West Bank
Professor M Daoud (An Najah National University, Nablus, West Bank; Palestine)

Professor R J Matthews 
Reading University
RADII: Recording Archaeological Data in Iran and Iraq
Dr H Fazeli Nashli (University of Tehran; Iran)

Dr M A Haslam 
University of Oxford
Out Of Africa, Into South Asia: Building a collaborative understanding of the earliest humans in India
Professor RK Korisettar (Karnatak University; India)

Professor MJ Hutt 
School of Oriental and African Studies
The creation of public meaning during Nepal’s democratic transition
Dr P Onta (Martin Chautari; Nepal)

Professor J R Spencer 
University of Edinburgh
Religion, Conflict and Peace in Sri Lanka
Professor K Silva (University of Peradeniya; Sri Lanka)


Professor S Arrowsmith
University of Nottingham
UK Africa Inter-University Partnership for Teaching and Research in Public Procurement Regulation
Dr G Quinot (Stellenbosch University; South Africa)

Dr C Ashley 
University College London
Lake-scape Histories: Environment and Heritage in Western Victoria Nyanza, 2500 BP to present
Dr J Lejju (Mbarara University of Science & Technology; Uganda)

Dr R Dimova 
Brunel University
The impact of macroeconomic policies and exogenous shocks on employment and peverty in Africa: Simulations for Benin, Burkino Faso and Senegal
Professor A A Mbaye (Universite Cheikh Anta Diop; Senegal)£29135

Professor M Evans 
University of Portsmouth
Oral history across generations: Recovering the motivations, experience, and memory of Algerian and Senegalese veterans of the Algerian War through comparative and transgenerational oral history
Dr O Sene (Centre de Recherche Ouest Africain; Senegal)

Professor D Arnold 
Southampton University
Ambivalent Geographies
Dr B Ozkaya (Middle East Technical University, Turkey)

Professor R Hinnebusch 
St Andrews University
Foreign Policy-Making, Security Perceptions and Conflict-Resolution in Syrian-Turkish Relations
Professor O Tur (Middle East Technical University, Turkey)

Dr K Nabulsi 
Oxford University
Teaching Contemporary Palestinian Political History: Setting a Collaborative Research Agenda and Building Capacity
Professor N Abu Khalaf (An-Najah National University, Palestine)

Dr R Barnidge    
Reading University
India, the 123 Agreement, and Nuclear Energy: Issues of International Law
Professor M Narasimhalu (Ambedkar Law University; India)

Dr M Collyer    
Sussex University
Migration, Inequality and Social Change
Professor S Hettige (University of Colombo; Sri Lanka)

Dr A Shah    
University of London
Inequality and Affirmative Action in South Asia: Current Experiences and Future Agendas in India and Nepal
Dr M Lama (Tribhuvan University; Nepal)


Dr D Curtis 
Cambridge University
Rebel movements and post-conflict peacebuilding in Africa
Dr P Omach (Makerere University; Uganda)

Dr L Hughes 
The Open University
Managing heritage, building peace: A compartaive study of museums and memorialisation in Kenya Professor K Munene (United States International University; Kenya)

Dr L Marten
Language and linguistic studies of Southern African languages
Dr J Zeller (University of KwaZulu-Natal; South Africa)

Dr J Quirk 
Hull University
Migration and forced labour in Southern Africa: History and methods
Dr D Vigneswaran (University of Witwatersrand; South Africa)£28066


Dr A de-Graft Aikins 
Cambridge University
Africa's 'neglected epidemic': Developing a multidisciplinary research and intervention model for chronic disease
Dr D K Arhinful (Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research; Ghana)

Dr M Gibson 
Bristol University
Development intervention and demographic change in Ethiopia
Dr E Gurmu (Addis Ababa University; Ethiopia)

Professor I Phimister 
Sheffield University
Hegemony and power: South Africa and the southern African sub-continent, 1965-2005
Professor A S Mlambo (University of Pretoria; South Africa)

Professor J Preece  
Glasgow University
Poverty reduction and non-formal education: research and capacity building initiatives
Professor A Oduaran (University of Botswana; Botswana)