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British Academy International Symposia: Past Awards

This scheme has been discontinued.

Please note: Awards are arranged by the academic year in which grants are awarded. The institution is that given at the time of application.

Year of award: 2001-02 | 2000-01 | 1999-2000


Dr S Hawkins (with Professor John Laver FBA)
(University of Cambridge)
Temporal Integration in the Perception of Speech
Provence, April 2002
Professor Noël Nguyen (CNRS/Université de Provence), France

Dr A Poulter
(University of Nottingham)
The Transition to Late Antiquity: the city, the fortress and the countryside
London, May 2003
Professor L P Slokoska (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), Bulgaria

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Dr J Brooks
(University of Southampton)
Musical Improvisation, Description, Notation, 1570–1620
British Academy, April 2002
Partner: School of Music, University of Texas at Austin, and Royal Musical Association

Dr M Cornwall
(University of Dundee)
The Forum of British, Czech and Slovak Historians: The impact of nationalism and fascism in the era of two World Wars
Dundee, March 2002
Partner: Institute of History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (with Institute of History, Slovak Academy of Sciences)
up to £6,000

Professor I Markova
(University of Stirling)
Conference on trust as a pre-condition to communication, social thinking and social practices during democratic transition in post-communist Europe
London, September 2001
Partner: Maison des Sciences de'l Homme

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Professor D Braund
(University of Exeter)
The Scythian Mirage: Understanding the ancient Ukraine, c. 700-300 BC
Ukraine, September 2001
Partner: Institute of Archaeology, Ukraine Academy of Sciences

Dr J Brooks
(University of Southampton)
Musical improvisation, description, notation, 1570-1620
Texas, April 2001
Partner: School of Music, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Professor M Frede FBA
(University of Oxford)
Galen: Institutio Logica
Switzerland, January 2001
Partner: University of Geneva, Switzerland

Dr C Woolfson
(University of Glasgow)
Exploring Changing Roles in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Systems in the Context of European Enlargement
Kaunas, Lithuania, October 2000
Partner: Kaunas Medical University, Lithuania