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The British Academy and DFID Anti-Corruption Evidence Partnership

The British Academy and the UK's Department for International Development (DFID) have launched a £3.6 million initiative to support leading international research teams to research and identify the most successful ways of addressing corruption in developing countries.

The BA/DFID Anti-Corruption Evidence (ACE) partnership has provided grants to support world-leading multidisciplinary research to explore policies and interventions in different countries that have reduced corruption and helped address its negative impact on people's lives. The projects are:

Anti-corruption in the news

 12 May

BBC News: Anticorruption summit launches global plan to recover stolen assets

The Guardian: David Cameron: The fight against corruption begins with poltiical will 

9 May 2016

BBC News: David Cameron pledges to tackle global corruption

The Guardian: Commonwealth chief draws up anti-corruption plan 

4 May 2016
The Guardian: Cameron to propose global anti-corruption agency at summit


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