British academy

Emerging Powers Going Global Conference

Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 October 2013

The British Academy, 10-11 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AH

Day 1     Day 2

This conference analysed the global implications of the rise of emerging powers. What are the opportunities and challenges presented by their growing economic strength and political influence beyond their own borders?

The event took a situated global perspective by engaging both specialists on emerging powers’ impact in Africa, Latin America and Asia and leading scholars of the wider international political and economic order. The conference assessed emerging powers’ global geopolitical, diplomatic and economic impact as well as the policy implications for international development, development banks, natural resources and energy, global health, agriculture and food security, as well as global sustainability.

Emerging Powers and the 21st Century's Geopolitical Future
Chaired by Professor Sir Adam Roberts. The speakers were Professor Andrew Hurrell FBA, Professor G. John Ikenberry, Professor Hochul Lee, Professor Steve Tsang, and Barbara Woodward CMG.

The Aims of Emerging Powers' Diplomacy
Chaired by Dr Christopher Alden. The speakers were Oksana Antonenko, Professor Mehmet Arda, Professor Stephen Chan OBE, Dr Amrita Narlikar, Elizabeth Sidiropoulos, and Professor Maria Hermínia Tavares de Almeida.

Emerging Powers, Emerging Dissension in International Development?
Chaired by Professor Sir Ian Diamond. The speakers were Professor Deborah Bräutigam, Professor Stefan Dercon, Professor David Hulme, Dr Emma Mawdsley, and Dr Andy Sumner.

Emerging Powers as Emerging Economies
Chaired by Professor Lord Stern of Brentford. The speakers were Suman Bery, Dr Liu Dongmin, Stephen King, Dr Mina Toksoz, and Professor Ngaire Woods.

The Sinews of Power: Development Banks
Chaired by Professor Lord Stern of Brentford. The speakers were Professor Iwan J. Azis, Alan Rousso, Dr Wang Jianye, and Professor Ngaire Woods.

You can watch the sessions from Emerging Powers, Going Global Day 2 here.