British academy

Academy-Sponsored Institutes

The British Academy sponsors a network of leading British institutes overseas engaged in research and fieldwork across a wide range of humanities and social sciences disciplines.   

The sponsored organisations sustain and support UK research overseas, acting as hubs in the local region. They conduct world-class research as well as providing facilities, financial, academic and logistical support and training to researchers. The organisations also collaborate with a wide range of overseas and UK-based partners. They each run an events programmes of lectures, conferences and workshops, held in the UK and overseas. Each organisation has its own publication series.

The Academy supports six institutes with premises overseas:

 - British Institute at Ankara (BIAA)

 - British Institute in Eastern Africa (BIEA) based in Nairobi

 - British Institute of Persian Studies (BIPS) based in London and Tehran

 - British School at Athens (BSA)

 - British School at Rome (BSR)

 - Council for British Research in the Levant (CBRL) based in Amman and Jerusalem

The Academy also supports the UK-based Society for Libyan Studies (SLS).

The Academy provides administrative and other support to its long-standing associate, the British Institute for the Study of Iraq.

All the organisations are autonomous bodies.