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Latest News

Book Launch Event – China-India: Pathways of Economic and Social Development

On 16 April 2014, the British Academy will launch the book China-India: Pathways of Economic and Social Development, edited by Barbara Harriss-White and Delia Davin. 

This new book compares the different paths of economic development in China and India in recent years, and examines their social consequences. Probing behind the obvious contrasts, it discloses important ways in which the two countries are alike in facing the problems produced in large, formerly agrarian societies by rapid economic development and interaction with the global economy.


6pm: 'China-India Comparison - What Have We Learned?'

Lecture by Athar Hussain

Director of the Asia Research Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science

6.30pm: 'Comparisons are Odious'

Presentation by Barbara Harriss-White 

Emeritus Professor of Development Studies, University of Oxford

6.45pm: Discussion

7pm: Reception


British Academy - Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Workshop on International Economic Policy and Governance

On 20-21 March, the British Academy and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) held a joint workshop in Beijing, as part of a series of collaborative activities aimed at strengthening scholarly links and promoting policy dialogue. The event successfully brought together 25 leading scholars and policy makers from the UK, China and the USA. Discussions revolved around the themes of Global Macroeconomic Policy Risks and Governance, Foundations for Sustained and Sustainable Growth Across the World, and the Changing Structure of the Chinese Economy in the Context of a Changing World.

The Art Of Attraction: Soft Power and the UK's Role in the World

The concept of soft power – the ability to influence the behaviour of others and obtain desired outcomes through attraction and co-option – was coined by British Academy Fellow Joseph Nye. Over the past decade, it has been the subject of considerable debate, as governments at home and overseas have sought to exploit their soft power assets in the face of power shifts in order to further their foreign policy objectives.

This report discusses the nature and relevance of soft power in the context of how and why it matters for the UK. It analyses the UK’s soft power resources and its ability to mobilise them, examines the main dilemmas, and includes a series of recommendations for policy-makers and wider society.

A new British Academy report by Christopher Hill and Sarah Beadle.

Reception to celebrate the publication of The Goğğam Chronicle

he Goğğam ChronicleThe British Academy held a reception on Monday 10 February to celebrate the publication of The Goğğam Chronicle, edited and translated by Girma Getahun.

The Goğğam Chronicle is a detailed regional history of Ethiopia by the chronicler, Aläqa Täklä Iyasus, who enjoyed the artistic favour and friendship of King Täklä Haymanot. Of particular importance are the collection of poems inspired by dirge, martial boast and religious devotion. As such, the Chronicle was and still is a goldmine for scholars of history, students of Amharic language and early Amharic literature and for those interested in the study of genealogy, church painting, migration and settlement.

The Chronicle was previously known only to a handful of scholars. This new translation is based on careful study of all the manuscripts to produce an authoritative and coherent text. It is the latest volume in the Fontes Historiae Africanae (Sources of African History) series published by the British Academy. Girma Getahun is an independent scholar and expert on Ethiopia.

Emerging Powers, Going Global - Video Digest

This conference analysed the global implications of the rise of emerging powers. What are the opportunities and challenges presented by their growing economic strength and political influence beyond their own borders?

To find out more visit the Emerging Powers Going Global page

International researchers awarded fellowships to ensure UK engages with the world's most promising academics

The sixth round of Newton International Fellowships has been awarded jointly by two of the UK's national research academies – the British Academy and the Royal Society. The Fellowships are part of a £29 million pound government initiative to ensure that the UK engages with the world's most promising academics.

The Newton International Fellowships provide an opportunity for some of the most talented early career post-doctoral researchers working overseas to carry out world class research in UK institutions across all disciplines of humanities, engineering, and natural and social sciences. Fellows will receive support in the region of £100,000 each for a two year placement in the UK.

The collaborations and links formed by Newton Fellows during the course of their Fellowship will continue to be supported by the availability of follow-on funding of up to £6,000 per year, for up to ten years to help develop lasting international networks.
The latest group of successful applicants will be investigating topics ranging from the nature and scope of judicial activism in India, to novel bio-nanomaterials for defeating tuberculosis. They come from research institutes in around 20 different countries including India, Japan, Israel and the USA.

The list of 2013 Newton Fellows can be accessed via the following link: