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Journal of the British Academy

The online open-access Journal of the British Academy seeks to publish a conspectus of the state of scholarship across the Academy’s disciplinary interests, its content derived from the Academy’s own lecture programme.

Editors: Professor Simon Frith FBA; Professor Janet Carsten FBA.
The British Academy’s Publications Committee serves as the Journal’s Editorial Board.

ISSN 2052–7217
Creative Commons LicenseThe Journal of the British Academy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Recently posted articles

Passionate, eloquent and determined: Heroines' tales and feminine poetics
Helen Cooper
Posted 18 October 2016

Modernist perambulations through time and space: From Enlightened walking to crawling, stalking, modelling and street-walking
Anne Fuchs
Posted 18 October 2016

The Shakespearean unscene: Sexual phantasies in A Midsummers Nights Dream
Lorna Hutson
Posted 10 October 2016

Cuchulain in the General Post Office: Gaelic revival, Irish rising
Joep Leerssen
Posted 16 September 2016

Thomas Hobbes: Liberal illiberal
Noel Malcolm
Posted 31 August 2016

Food globalisation in prehistory: The agrarian foundations of an interconnected continent
Martin Jones with Harriet Hunt, Catherine Kneale, Emma Lightfoot, Diane Lister, Xinyi Liu, and Giedre Motuzaite-Matuzeviciute
Posted 31 August 2016

Social class mobility in modern Britain: changing structure, constant process
John H Goldthorpe
Posted 18 July 2016

Reinventing the corporation
Colin Mayer
Posted 30 March 2016

Economic impossibilities for our grandchildren?
Kevin Hjortshøj O'Rourke
Posted 2 March 2016 

Rival jihads: Islam and the Great War in the Middle East, 1914-1918
Eugene Rogan
Posted 19 January 2016





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