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Professor Archie Brown has given a number of lectures in the United States in November. He spoke at a conference on the Reagan Era at the Virginia Military Institute on 'Gorbachev, Perestroika and the End of the Cold War', and gave talks on his recent book, The Myth of the Strong Leader: Political Leadership in the Modern Age at Georgetown University and at Southern Methodist University, Dallas. He addressed the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations on 'Problems of Consensus-Building in a Multinational State: the UK, Spain, Ukraine' and spoke ...
21 Nov 2014
In his lecture, 'Do we measure up to Beatrice? A British archaeologist abroad', Professor Graeme Barker, formerly Disney Professor of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge, marked the Council for British Archaeology's 70th year by sharing a lifetime of research across the Mediterranean, Middle East and South East Asia. Reflecting on the role of Britain's archaeologists in world archaeology, the lecture and AGM took place on 10 November 2014 at the British Academy in London.
11 Nov 2014
Writing in The Times, Professor Vernon Bogdanor says the governments answer is incoherent to the question of whether Scottish MPs should continue to vote on English domestic matters.
10 Nov 2014
Speaking in The Times, Lord O'Donnell said that employers consistently failed to realise what motivated their workforce. Saying "thank you", giving staff time off and allowing them more control over their work can make them much happier than a pay rise. Lord O'Donnell will head a new centre for wellbeing, to open in the spring, which is part of a move to put happiness at the heart of government policy-making.
6 Nov 2014
MI5 amassed hundreds of records on Professors Eric Hobsbawm and Christopher Hill, who were once members of the Communist party, secret files have revealed. Another Fellow under scrutiny was Professor A.J.P. Taylor. The files, released at the National Archives, reveal the extent to which MI5 secretly kept tabs on the personal and professional activities of communists and suspected communists, a task it began before the cold war.
29 Oct 2014
Professor Christopher Prendergast has written a new book Adventures in Grammarland, in collaboration with academic Paul Georgiou. Published by Panarc International, Adventures in Grammarland takes 'you on a journey into the very heart of the English language'. Professor Prendergast is a published author based in Cambridge and Fellow of King's College, Cambridge.
27 Oct 2014
Professor David Luscombe spoke at a conference in Oxford. He gave an assessment of the impact of the seminal study by Sir Richard Southern FBA, Saint Anselm and His Biographer, 50 years on from its publication.
27 Oct 2014
Professor Margaret Boden appeared on BBC Radio 4's The Life Scientific programme. You can listen again via the BBC's iPlayer here. Professor Boden is Research Professor of Cognitive Science at the University of Sussex and a world authority in the field of artificial intelligence.
21 Oct 2014
Professor Paul J Boyle and Professor Peter Buckley have become Fellows of Academy of Social Sciences. Professor Boyle is Vice Chancellor, University of Leicester and has led the Economic and Social Research Council for the past four years. He is also an internationally renowned expert in population and health geography. Professor Peter Buckley is Professor of International Business, Centre for International Business University of Leeds. He is a leading authority on international business.
21 Oct 2014
The future of the historic Hurd Library one of the jewels of Hartlebury Castle, former home of the Bishops of Worcester - has been preserved in public hands thanks to a £5m grant from the National Heritage Lottery Fund. Former British Academy President Sir Adam Roberts and other Academy Fellows lent strong support to the Hartlebury Castle Preservation Trust in their efforts to purchase the castle from the Church Commissioners and keep its important library intact.
13 Oct 2014
Professor Elinor Shaffer's most recent contribution to the reception of English literature in Europe has been published by Bloomsbury Academic and is entitled The Literary And Cultural Reception of Charles Darwin in Europe.
8 Oct 2014
Uta Frith DBE, Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Development at UCL, and barrister and broadcaster Baroness Helena Kennedy QC have joined the judging panel for the 2014 Wellcome Book Prize. Other judges include Mark Haddon and Razia Iqbal.The panel will be chaired by Bill Bryson.The Wellcome Book Prize celebrates books with a medical theme - both fiction and nonfiction - published in the UK.
2 Oct 2014
Professor John Dunn's Henry L Stimson Lectures have been published Yale University Press under the title 'Breaking Democracy's Spell'. Professor Dunn is emeritus professor of political theory at King's College, Cambridge, and one of the founders of the "Cambridge School" of political thought.
2 Oct 2014
Professor Sir David Cannadine has joined the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography as its new editor. The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography is the national record of 60,000 people who have shaped British history and culture from the country's 'earliest times to the year 2010'. David Cannadine is Dodge Professor of History at Princeton University. He is a specialist in the political, social, and cultural history of modern Britain and its empire, and the study of history over time. Between 1992 and 2004 research for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography ...
1 Oct 2014
Professor Vernon Bogdanor examines in today's Guardian some of the thorny issues raised by Prime Minister David Camerons proposal of 'English votes for English Laws'. He argues that "a constitutional settlement, if it is to be lasting, needs the support of all parties, and endorsement by the people as a whole after measured debate."The full article is available on the Guardian website.  
25 Sep 2014
As the UN begins its first Climate Summit, British Academy President Lord Stern outlines the problem which is far too big for a single country to solve alone, asking what can we do next and how can we use this crisis to spur better lives for all? The TED talk is called The state of the climate - and what we might do about it.
24 Sep 2014
The Global Commission on the Economy and Climate has published a new report 'Better Growth, Better Climate'. The report's conclusion is that countries at all levels of income now have the opportunity to build lasting economic growth at the same time as reducing the immense risks of climate change. The Commission was set up to examine whether it is possible to achieve lasting economic growth while also tackling the risks of climate change. It is chaired by former President of Mexico Felipe Calderón and vice-chaired by British Academy President Lord Stern.In other news, Lord ...
17 Sep 2014
Hermione Lee has been awarded a James Tait Black Prize for her biography of Penelope Fitzgerald. The James Tait Black Memorial Prizes are Britains oldest literary awards. Two prizes of £10,000 are awarded annually by the University of Edinburgh for the best work of fiction and the best biography published in the previous year.The prize winners were announced by broadcaster Sally Magnusson at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on 27 August.Further information about the James Tait Black Prizes and Hermione Lees Penelope Fitzgerald: A life is available on the BBC news website.
28 Aug 2014
Professor Mary Beard is profiled in the latest edition of The New Yorker magazine (1 September 2014). The article describes how Professor Beard takes on her sexist detractors, brings a proletarian focus to the world of the ancients and acts as a role model for women of all ages who want an intellectually satisfying life.
27 Aug 2014
Six Fellows have been elected this year as Members of the Academia Europaea. The Academia Europaea is an European Academy of Humanities, Letters and Sciences, composed of individual members. Members are drawn from across the whole European continent and around the world. Current membership stands at around 2,800, including fifty-two Nobel Laureates. The six Fellows elected are:Professor Stephen Bann, Professor Sir Richard Blundell, Professor Vincent Crawford, Professor Eleanor Dickey, Professor Shalom Lappin, Professor Sir Richard Sorabji.
18 Aug 2014
Writing in the Financial Times, British Academy President Lord Stern says the British tax system could be more equitable and less of a drag on economic activity, if recommendations he made while head of the Government Economic Services weren't 'buried in the chancellor's drawer.' He says 'What was lacking then was the political commitment to do what makes sense. It is still lacking now despite the difference it could make to the public finances and the country's prosperity.'
7 Aug 2014
Professor Derek Parfitt has won a Rolf Schock Prize in the Logic and Philosophy category "for his ground-breaking contributions concerning personal identity, regard for future generations and analysis of the structure of moral theories." The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Royal Swedish Academy of Music and Royal Swe­dish Academy of Fine Arts, award the Rolf Schock Prizes 2014, amounting to a total of SEK 2.4 million, in the fields of logic and philosophy, mathematics, visual arts and music.
31 Jul 2014
Professors Nicholas Bloom and John Van Reenen have won the 2014 EIB Prize for Excellence in Economic and Social Research in acknowledgement of their academic excellence, work published and impact on public policy of their research on this years prize topic "Innovation, Market Structure and Competitiveness".
29 Jul 2014
A number of British Academy Fellows, including the President Lord Stern of Brentford, have written to The Daily Telegraph expressing their desire that Britain honour its commitment to ratify the Hague Convention on the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict. Fellows who signed the letter are:Dame Rosemary Cramp, Sir Adam Roberts, Lord Renfrew of Kaimsthorn, Sir Barry Cunliffe, Professor Stephen Shennan, Lord Collins of Highbury, Professor Roberta Gilchrist, Professor Graeme Barker. You can read the letter Britain should ratify convention to protect cultural ...
23 Jul 2014
Social scientists can be confident of their position in the UK's research portfolio, but must pressure the government for more funds ahead of next years spending review, says Professor Paul Boyle, departing chief executive of the Economic and Social Research Council in an interview in the latest issue of Research Fortnight magazine.Professor Boyle, who has been in the role since 2010, will leave the council in September to become vice-chancellor of the University of Leicester.
10 Jul 2014
Professor Ron Johnston has co-authored a new report entitled Equality, Community and Continuity: Reviewing the UK Rules for Constituency Redistribution, published by the McDougall Trust.
4 Jul 2014
Baroness Hale of Richmond gave the 2014 Fiona Woolf Lecture at the Law Society in London on 27 June. In it she criticised the British judiciary system for its low proportion of women, saying in a democracy governed by the people and not by an absolute monarch or even an aristocratic ruling class, the judiciary should reflect the whole community, not just a small section of it. The Fiona Woolf Lecture was instituted in 2007 by the Association of Women Solicitors and the Law Society to be delivered by a highly regarded professional woman in honour of Fiona ...
2 Jul 2014
On 27 June, at the Gazi Husrev-bey Library, Sarajevo, Professor Adam Roberts gave a presentation on 'Legal and Moral International Norms since 1914' at a symposium on 'Ethics & International Affairs: The Crisis of 1914 and What it Means for Us Today'. This event was partnered by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs and the Gazi Husrev-bey Library and American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as part of the centenary commemorations of the killings of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie on 28 June 1914.
30 Jun 2014
Sir Roderick Floud gives lecture "More Means Better: Fifty years of Higher Education" In a lecture given at Gresham College, Professor Sir Roderick Floud explored the main developments of the past 50 years in Higher Education and argue that we need radical changes to British universities, to research assessment and to our attitude to fundraising.
20 Jun 2014
Six Fellows of the British Academy are honoured in The Queen's Birthday Honours List for 2014. Professor Thomas Devine and Professor Richard Sorabji are awarded knighthoods, while Professor Nicholas Crafts, Professor Colin Jones and Professor Alan Walker and Professor Martin Biddle have received CBEs.
17 Jun 2014
Professor Stern and Dr Simon Dietz have today published the peer-reviewed findings of their research into climate change economic modelling in the Economic Journal. The review is highly critical of established economic models which, among other things, fail to acknowledge the full breadth of climate change's likely impact on the economy and are predicated on assumptions about global warming's effect on output that are "without scientific foundation".
16 Jun 2014
The work of two Fellows has been recognised by judges of the ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize. The prize celebrates the economic and social impacts achieved by ESRC-funded researchers. Professor Neil Wrigley was awarded the Outstanding Impact in Business award. Research by Professor Wrigley and colleagues has helped transform thinking on food retail development, its role in sustaining viable town centres and the future of UK high streets. Professor Sir David Hendry was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. Over five decades Professor Hendry has developed macroeconomic models capturing how economies ...
10 Jun 2014
Professor Besley has been elected as President of the International Economic Association for a three-year term. He takes over from Corresponding Fellow Joseph Stiglitz and becomes only the third UK economist to become President.  The IEA was founded in 1950 as a non-governmental organization, with the aim to promote personal contacts and mutual understanding among economists in different parts of the world through the organization of scientific meetings, common research programmes and by means of publications of an international character on economic policies and problems of current importance.
9 Jun 2014
Professors Martin Daunton and Michael Fulford have been appointed Commissioners of English Heritage.Professor Daunton has been Master of Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, since 2004 and will be retiring from the college at the end of September 2014. From 2012, he has been head of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, a post which, together with his chair as Professor of Economic History, he will retain until he retires from the University in 2016. Professor Fulford is a Professor of Archaeology at the University of Reading, and is probably best known ...
5 Jun 2014
Professor Cyprian Broodbank, Professor of Mediterranean Archaeology, University College London, has been awarded one of the Wolfson Prizes for History for "The Making of the Middle Sea. A History of the Mediterranean from the Beginning to the Emergence of the Classical World" published by Thames & Hudson, which was the result of research supported during his recent British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship.
3 Jun 2014
Dr Rowan Williams gives the Sir Kyffin Williams Trust Annual Lecture on the subject 'Images and meanings: What does art represent?' The lecture will take place on 30 May at Anglesey's Centre for Art and History.
20 May 2014
Honorary Fellow, Lord Rees, chairs a new competition, based on the 1714 Longitude Prize, which was won by John Harrison whose clocks enabled sailors to pinpoint their position at sea for the first time. Todays prize asks the public to choose a new world challenge. Six potential categories have been announced, ranging from healthcare to the environment.
20 May 2014
Professor Phillipson has been elected an Associate Fellow of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences in recognition of his 'impressive publication record, outstanding contribution to his profession, international stature as a scholar and exceptional contribution to the advancement of Ethiopian scholarship'. The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences is an autonomous, non-profit, non-governmental organization that exists to promote the Sciences to flourish and bring about development, prosperity and improved health services for the people of Ethiopia.
20 May 2014
Professor Isobel Armstrong, University of London, has been elected as a Foreign Honorary Member by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.The American Academy is a champion of scholarship, civil dialogue and useful knowledge. Its membership includes over 4,600 Fellows and 600 Foreign Honorary Members.
15 May 2014
Professor Warner is interviewed by Prospect Magazine, for their Critical Thinking series which looks at the art of criticism. The writer and mythographer talks about the compatibility of being a woman who thinks but is also interested in fashion, feminism and Virginia Woolf's Essays.
13 May 2014
One Fellow and two Corresponding Fellows have been elected to the American Philosophical Society:  Professor Nicholas Sims-Williams, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London;Professor Susan Fiske, Eugene Higgins Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs, Princeton University;Professor W J T Mitchell, Gaylord Donnelley Distinguished Service Professor of English and Art History, University of Chicago; Editor, Critical Inquiry. The American Philosophical Society promotes useful knowledge in the sciences and humanities through excellence in scholarly research, professional meetings, publications, library resources, and community outreach.
13 May 2014
Professor Beard reflects on the way the elderly - and their carers - are treated in society. She explores the representations of ageing in ancient Greek mythology and modern television programmes and newspaper articles, predicting that in 'a few hundred years time, the treatment of the frail old in 21st Century Britain will be seen as much of a blot on our culture as Bedlam and the madhouses were on the culture of the 18th Century'.
12 May 2014
In a letter to The Guardian, Professors Jonathan Haslam, Geoffrey Hosking, Caroline Humphrey, Catriona Kelly, Dominic Lieven, Robert Service, Stephen White and Lord Skidelsky urge all sides to support the UN and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe in doing everything possible to promote international negotiations, with the aim of ending the violence in Ukraine. The full letter is available on the Guardian website.
9 May 2014
Professor Anke Ehlers and Professor Peter Fonagy were among the 44 medical experts recognised for excellence in research by election to the Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences. The new Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences will be formally admitted to the Academy at a ceremony on 2 July 2014. A full list of the 2014 Fellows is available here.
9 May 2014
Speaking as part of Radio 4s A Point of View programme, Professor Beard talks about the 60th anniversary of the time when Roger Bannister ran a mile race in three minutes 59.4 seconds. In the midst of the celebrations, she argues that we should also remember that Roger Bannister's victory was a "glaring display of class division".
1 May 2014
Professor Gareth Stedman Jones, Professor Christopher Wickham, Sir John Elliott, Professor Geoffrey Parker and Professor Mike Braddick are among the speakers at a major international conference exploring where the study of history is currently heading. History after Hobsbawm: a conference on the current trajectories of history draws inspiration from the legacy of the late Eric Hobsbawm (elected a Fellow if the British Academy in 1978). The conference takes place from 29 April 1 May in Senate House at the School of Advanced Studies. Further information is available here.
28 Apr 2014
Professor Sir Ian Diamond, Chairman of the review of efficiency and effectiveness in UK higher education has set out details of the efficiency review in an interview with Research Fortnight.Professor Diamond said that initial meetings between the individual and oversight groups carrying out the review had already taken place and the review will cover five main areas, reporting its initial findings by the summer.  The importance of the review, which was commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Treasury in 2013, is that it demonstrates "how seriously" UK universities are taking ...
24 Apr 2014
Professor Rachel Griffith, University of Manchester and The Institute For Fiscal Studies, has won the 2014 Birgit Grodal Award. The Council of the European Economic Association (EEA) awarded the prize as a result of 'a significant contribution to the Economics profession'.Rachel Griffith is a leading empirical researcher in studies of innovation and productivity. Her influential contributions have brought new data sets, particularly firm-level data, to bear in answering classic economic questions about what drives the process of innovation and what determines differences in productivity levels between firms.
10 Apr 2014
Professor David Reynolds has been awarded the 2014 PEN Hessell-Tiltman Prize for his book The Long Shadow: the Great War and the Twentieth Century. In his book, Professor Reynolds argues that we have lost touch with the Great War, in some degree because of a peculiar British preoccupation with the poetry rather than the history. He states that 1914-18 has become a literary war, detached from its moorings in historical events.The £2,000 prize will be presented to him on 10 April at the London Book Fair. 
7 Apr 2014
In an episode of Horizon broadcast on 1 April, Professor Uta Frith shares the insight of her lifetimes study of autism. In the programme, she shows how people with autism perceive the world and interact with their surroundings, and how for them another kind of reality exists. She meets people with autism who have extraordinary talents, and explains why they often fail to understand jokes. The programme reveals how Professor Friths work has transformed our understanding of this mysterious condition.The programme is available on iPlayer, and has been reviewed by  ...
4 Apr 2014

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