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Professor Rachel Griffith, University of Manchester and The Institute For Fiscal Studies, has won the 2014 Birgit Grodal Award. The Council of the European Economic Association (EEA) awarded the prize as a result of 'a significant contribution to the Economics profession'.Rachel Griffith is a leading empirical researcher in studies of innovation and productivity. Her influential contributions have brought new data sets, particularly firm-level data, to bear in answering classic economic questions about what drives the process of innovation and what determines differences in productivity levels between firms.
10 Apr 2014
Professor David Reynolds has been awarded the 2014 PEN Hessell-Tiltman Prize for his book The Long Shadow: the Great War and the Twentieth Century. In his book, Professor Reynolds argues that we have lost touch with the Great War, in some degree because of a peculiar British preoccupation with the poetry rather than the history. He states that 1914-18 has become a literary war, detached from its moorings in historical events.The £2,000 prize will be presented to him on 10 April at the London Book Fair. 
7 Apr 2014
In an episode of Horizon broadcast on 1 April, Professor Uta Frith shares the insight of her lifetimes study of autism. In the programme, she shows how people with autism perceive the world and interact with their surroundings, and how for them another kind of reality exists. She meets people with autism who have extraordinary talents, and explains why they often fail to understand jokes. The programme reveals how Professor Friths work has transformed our understanding of this mysterious condition.The programme is available on iPlayer, and has been reviewed by  ...
4 Apr 2014
The House of Commons Defence Committee has published a report (HC 931) on UK Armed Forces Personnel and the Legal Framework for Future Operations, which features evidence given by Sir Adam Roberts. The Report (including evidence) can be accessed on the Committee's website and is the Defence Committees Twelfth Report of Session 2013/14.
2 Apr 2014
British Academy President Lord Stern was interviewed on ABC Lateline about the Australian Governments intention to put an end to carbon pricing. Australias new Government, led by Tony Abbot, is reversing much of the previous Governments climate policy, especially the carbon tax. When asked about Australias decision to scrap a price on carbon, Lord Stern said that the decision could be damaging for the world, and over the medium term, damaging for Australia. The full transcript of the interview is available here.  
28 Mar 2014
Professor John Carey's new book The Unexpected Professor: An Oxford Life in Books (March 2014) is part memoir, part reflection on what books and reading have meant to him.
18 Mar 2014
Professor David Hand's new book The Improbability Principle (February 2014) is accompanied by a website containing information about various aspects of probability theory and statistics. 
18 Mar 2014
Several British Academy Fellows including Baroness (Onora) O'Neill, Professor Andrew Gamble, Professor Conor Gearty and Honorary Fellow Baroness (Helena) Kennedy have joined a range of leading authors, actors, filmmakers and broadcasters in signing a declaration which appears in several UK newspapers today, calling for editors and journalists to accept the form of self-regulation independently audited on the lines recommended by Lord Leveson and laid down in the Royal Charter of 30 October 2013.
18 Mar 2014
Professor Sir David Cannadine, Dodge Professor of History at Princeton University, has been appointed as editor of the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.  He will take up the position in October 2014, succeeding Dr Lawrence Goldman, who has edited the dictionary since 2004. He will also become a Visiting Professor in the Faculty of History at the University of Oxford.
11 Mar 2014
Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch Kt will speak at The Princeton in Europe Lecture with the title: 'What if Arianism had won? A reformation historian looks at medieval Europe.' The event will be held on 8 April at the British Academy. Drinks from 5.30pm, lecture from 6.30pm. Free to attend, but please register by emailing Hannah Paul:
10 Mar 2014
A deep divide has opened up between Britain's highest earners, mostly working in Londons financial sector, and millions of 'cling on professionals' struggling to sustain a middle class lifestyle, according to  a detailed analysis of almost 40 years of labour market data carried out for the Financial Times by Professor Steve Machin and his colleague Professor Brian Bell.
19 Feb 2014
In his Financial Times column Professor John Kay criticises 'the philistine fixation with temporary utility' recently demonstrated in the US Senate and elsewhere. Referencing the British Academys Prospering Wisely publication, he talks about the value of academic research and the enduring power of ideas 'which frame the world we live in'.
19 Feb 2014
British Academy President Lord Stern warns in a front page article in The Guardian that the recent extreme weather events seen in the UK and overseas are a clear sign that we are already experiencing the impacts of climate change which it would be very unwise for us, or our leaders, to ignore.
14 Feb 2014
Emeritus Professor R Geraint Gruffydd will be presented with the Medal of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion, at a ceremony on Saturday 15 February. The Medal will be presented to Professor Gruffydd in recognition of his notable contribution to learning and scholarship and to Wales. Awarded for the first time in 1883, the Medal of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion provides formal recognition of the distinguished contribution many individuals have given to Wales in different walks of life. The medal will be presented by Professor Dafydd Johnston, director of the Centre for ...
10 Feb 2014
Lord Woolf, author of an independent report into the governance of the International Cricket Council, has criticised current moves to concentrate power in the hands of three countries, India, England and Australia.
7 Feb 2014
Economic and Social Research Council chief executive Professor Paul Boyle has been appointed as the next vice-chancellor of the University of Leicester. He will take over on 1 October from Sir Robert Burgess, who is retiring. Further information is available on the TLS website        
31 Jan 2014
During his recent trip to Davos, British Academy President Lord Stern was interviewed by The Independent. He answered questions about fracking, the UKs green energy needs and the 'green government' for the paper's 'Big Questions' slot. The interview also appears online here
29 Jan 2014
Professor Sir Richard J Evans has been awarded the 2014 Historical Association's Norton Medlicott Medal for Services to History. The award recognises 'an outstanding contribution to History' by an important contemporary advocate of historical research and learning.  Sir Richard J Evans is Regius Professor of History and President of Wolfson College at the University of Cambridge. In 2013 he made a significant contribution through articles in the daily and weekly press to the campaign to induce the Department of Education to withdraw the draft National History Curriculum and ...
27 Jan 2014
Writing in The Guardian, Professor Richard J Evans has said that the education secretary's attack on first world war historians is no way to conduct the debate he claims he wants to encourage.
14 Jan 2014
Professor Michael Fulford, who leads a major multi-year excavation at Roman town Silchester, has discovered the remains of possibly the largest known timber structure of Iron Age Britain
14 Jan 2014
Professor Avi Shlaim  has written an article for The Guardian in which he concludes that the former Prime Minister of Israels legacy was to empower and embolden some of the most racist, xenophobic, expansionist, and intransigent elements in Israel's dysfunctional political system. 
14 Jan 2014
Professor Nicholas Penny, Director of the National Gallery, was profiled in the Financial Times on 4 January, ahead of the innovative National Gallery Masterpiece Tour 2014-2016.
7 Jan 2014
Professor Linda Colley is presenting a series of fifteen lunchtime programmes on BBC Radio 4 exploring the complex forces that have brought together and divided the peoples of the British Isles across the centuries, with three further Friday evening Omnibus broadcasts. She also writes about the series in The Guardian.
7 Jan 2014

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