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26 Jul 2011

Chomsky critic gets more than a monkey for prestigious psychology award

American developmental psychologist, Professor Dr Michael Tomasello, has been named as this year’s recipient of the prestigious Wiley Prize in Psychology, awarded by the British Academy in partnership with Wiley-Blackwell, the scientific, technical, medical and scholarly publishers of the global publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

The £5,000 prize for ‘lifetime achievement by an outstanding international scholar’, is in recognition of Tomasello’s work identifying the unique cognitive and cultural processes that distinguish humans from their nearest primate relatives, the great apes. Professor Tomasello also works on child language and is a strong critic of generative grammar theory, expounded by British Academy Fellow, Noam Chomsky, subscribing instead to the cognitive linguistics school of linguistic theory.

Tomasello was a professor of psychology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia during the 1980s and 1990s, until he moved to Germany where he currently studies the social cognition of great apes at the Wolfgang Köhler Primate Research Center in Leipzig.

Michael Tomasello, Winner of the 2011 British Academy Wiley Prize in Psychology said:

“I am of course surprised and honored to receive this award - no one doing research ever expects anything like this. We are engaged in a labor of love and prizes are always surprises.”

Sir Adam Roberts, President of the British Academy said:

“We are delighted to be able to recognise the considerable achievements of Professor Tomasello by awarding him the 2011 Wiley Prize. His signal work has made a considerable contribution to our understanding of social cognition and linguistics.”

Philip Carpenter, VP and Managing Director, Social Science and Humanities at Wiley-Blackwell, said:

"John Wiley and Sons has a deep commitment to supporting reserach and publication in psychology and linguistics, and is delighted that the third British Academy Wiley prize is being awarded to Dr Michael Tomasello for his distinguished work in those fields, including some key contributions in Child Development, Developmental Science and other Wiley publications." 

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