Accolade for the best in political studies

The Political Studies Association and the British Academy today awards the Lifetime Achievement in Political Studies prize to six leading political scientists at a ceremony in Westminster.

The winners are:

Sponsored by the British Academy, this one-off prize marks the 50th anniversary of the Political Studies Association (PSA) and is awarded to living academics who have done the most to advance the study of political science over the last half-century.

Commenting on the winners, Professor Lord Smith of Clifton, Chair of the Jury, said: 'Not only have the winners advanced our understanding of politics and international relations, they have also contributed to the advancement of their fields in other ways: from helping education in schools to editing the foremost academic journals.

'It is also a delight to see how many of the winners have been attached to UK universities. British research in politics has been held in the highest esteem internationally over the last 50 years. The award reflects the achievements of the PSA, which has done much to advance learning and research in this subject. It has also had an important impact on the practice of modern government'.

The Lifetime Achievement award will be presented by Professor Sam Beer from Harvard University, Vice-President of the PSA, Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy and North America's principal expert on British politics.



21 November 2000

  1. The Political Studies Association Golden Jubilee Awards Ceremony will be held at One Great George Street, Westminster on 21st November 2000 starting at 6.15 pm.
  2. The awards ceremony in London also includes prizes for politicians and journalists who have made significant contributions to politics and its study. The prizes include: Outstanding Contribution to International Politics and Civil Society; Outstanding Political Journalist; Lifetime Achievement in Politics; Outstanding Parliamentarian; Outstanding Political Journalist.
  3. The Political Studies Association ( was founded in 1950 to promote the development of political studies and to encourage education and the advancement of learning in the art and science of government and in other branches of political sciences. It has a membership of 1,100 from across the UK.
  4. The British Academy, established by Royal Charter in 1902, is an independent learned society promoting the humanities and social sciences. It is composed of Fellows elected in recognition of their distinction as scholars in the humanities and social sciences.

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