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Lost for Words

Lost for Words presents evidence indicating that persistent deficits in foreign language skills within Government threaten the UK’s future security and capacity for global influence.

November 2013


Talk The Talk

Talk The Talk

Talk the Talk brings the excitement of languages to life. It highlights the plethora of practical, personal and employable skills they can acquire in the process of learning foreign languages.

June 2013


Languages: State of the Nation

Languages: The State of the Nation

Languages: State of the Nation establishes baseline data on foreign language demand and supply in the UK and presents key priorities for action.

February 2013



Position Statement: Valuing the Year Abroad

In a joint statement, the British Academy and the University Council for Modern Languages call on Government and Universities to recognise the strategic importance of the year abroad.

March 2012


SIVs Consultation Response: L&QS

Contribution to HEFCE consultation on SIVS

Several modern languages are deemed 'strategically important' and 'vulnerable' by education policy makers and this is of grave concern to the humanities and social sciences. The British Academy makes this case to HEFCE's SIVS consultation.

June 2011

Position Statement: Language matters more and more

Highlighting that the UK is in danger of becoming a nation of monoglots in a world of polyglots, the Academy argues that the UK’s research base in language-related areas is internationally competitive and we must strive not to lose that edge.

February 2011