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Policy Manager
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Policy Adviser (Languages)
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Jonathan Lima-Matthews
Policy Adviser (Quantitative Skills)
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Languages & Quantitative Skills Programme

In 2011, the British Academy launched a new four year programme targeting deficits in languages and quantitative skills. The programme reflects the Academy’s longstanding concerns about deficits in these areas of the humanities and social sciences, as well as in UK education and research. Through the programme, the Academy funds research and relevant initiatives, and seeks to influence policy in these areas.

The LQS Programme engages both in high-level reports and activities, as well as with initiatives identifying and promoting best practice. Recognising the need for change at key levels in education and research, a significant part of the programme continues to include targeted support from school, through to undergraduate, postgraduate and research levels.

Languages ProgrammeTo learn a foreign language well is to acquire a wealth of culture and skills beyond textbook knowledge. 75% of the world's population do not speak English. We can no longer assume that it is the global language par excellence.

The Academy has repeatedly stressed that language scholarship is a long-term investment: for the individual, for research, for competitiveness and for society at large. Find out more

Quantitative Skills logoQuantitative skills enable people to measure, understand and use data. Statistical literacy is as important for a modern participating citizenry as basic language literacy.

The Academy believes that well-rounded graduates, equipped with core quantitative skills, are vital if the UK is to retain its status as a world leader in research and higher education, rebuild its economy, and provide citizens with the means to understand analyse and criticise data. Find out more