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Quantitative Skills

In 2011, the British Academy launched a four-year programme to address the quantitative skills (QS) deficit in the UK in the social sciences and humanities. 


High Level Strategy Group for Quantitative Skills
The Academy convened a High Level Strategy Group for Quantitative Skills (HLSG) in 2012 in order to provide leadership for a long term strategy for change. The HLSG leads on development of a national strategy.

Defining the Problem
There has been a long-standing lack of emphasis on data skills and quantitative methods in the social sciences and humanities which has led to a deficit of QS in the UK.

State of the Nation Report
The British Academy has initiated a research project to provide an up-to-date analysis of the current supply and demand for QS. 

Scoping a graduate qualification in quantitative studies
The British Academy commissioned a scoping review on how to establish a QS qualification for graduates followed by a consultation with stakeholders. 

Skills Acquisition Award
The Skills Acquisition Award supports early career researchers and aims to develop and enhance their quantitative skills by enabling them to spend some time with a mentor at a specialist centre in the field.