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Partnerships and Collaborations

Recognising the importance of working with other bodies in supporting languages, the Academy's Languages Programme seeks to develop and create new and shared initiatives with other research funders and interested stakeholders. These partnerships and collaborations include: 

Partnership with the Guardian

The British Academy is pleased to announce that we have joined forces with the Guardian to celebrate the UK’s diverse culture; provide a national public platform to discuss the issues around language learning; and highlight the benefits that language skills can bring to education, the economy, and our society.

We launched a national Language Festival during November 2013 to provide a platform for schools, Higher Education Institutions, students, policy makers and businesses from across the UK to discuss, debate and explore the academic, cultural and economic benefits of language learning. 

To read more about the British Academy's collaboration with the Guardian, visit the More from the British Academy platform and the Case for Language Learning webpage

BA-AHRC Collaboration on LBAS

The British Academy, together with the Arts and Humanities Research Council is supporting the UK’s 5 LBAS (language based area studies) centres. The Academy is providing financial contributions of £100k per annum for the four years covered by the Delivery Plan for 2011-15, towards the costs of the Language Based Area Studies Development Funding. The funding will be used to offer development through three main pathways: business internships and placements; policy internships and placements; and research exchange programmes.

BASIS Collaboration: Advanced Language Provision

The British Academy is providing additional support to two of its Sponsored Institutes and Societies: Council for British Research in the Levant (CBRL) and British Institute of Persian Studies (BIPS).

With CBRL, the Academy is supporting an advanced Arabic language programme which includes: investing in computer-aided language learning facilities and teacher training courses for teachers of Arabic to non-native speakers.

From 2-20 September 2013, CBRL ran advanced Arabic training for established academics working on the Arab world who would benefit from the opportunity to refresh their skills during a total immersion course. It took place at the Institut Français du Proche-Orient (IFPO) in Beirut, Lebanon and involved both collective seminars and tailored, individual tuition. 

With BIPS, the Academy is supporting a training programme to be held in consecutive years at the universities of St Andrews, Exeter and SOAS. The training programme seeks to make the expertise of language teaching in the UK – currently concentrated in only a few centres – available to a much larger body of PG students, postdoctoral researchers and those at the start of their academic careers, as well as to professionals who will have a direct or indirect role in decision making and forming policies at governmental bodies.

Cumberland Lodge Partnership

Cumberland Lodge and the British Academy have been working in partnerships to present an ongoing series of events to be held between 2012-2015 which explore the different values of learning languages. Highlights from the past year have included short conferences entitled Smatterings: Why Languages Matter and The Language Cauldron.

Speak to the Future Campaign

The British Academy is a main sponsor of the Speak to the Future Campaign to promote language learning. This five-year campaign seeks to highlight the importance of languages, language learning and professional language activities for the UK. Targeting the public, media and government, our initiatives are raising awareness of the issue – and aim to bring about a step-change in attitude and policy in favour of languages.

UK Linguistics Olympiad

The British Academy is supporting the UK Linguistics Olympiad: a competition for secondary school pupils, in which they have to solve linguistic data problems, aimed at encouraging greater take-up at GCSE level and beyond.

Villiers Park Educational Trust

The British Academy is collaborating with Villiers Park Educational Trust on the development of on-line teaching materials for school teachers, with the aim of encouraging pupils to take-up a foreign language at GCSE.