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British Academy Review, Issue 19, January 2012

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Includes David Cannadine: Gladstone’s Home
400 years of sacred English
Al-Qaeda now
Policing ourselves
The stories the Greeks have told themselves
Electoral registration

You may download the whole issue, or click on the links below for individual articles.

What should the word of God sound like?
Dr Rowan Williams FBA

How to train a mulla: Seminaries in Shi’ite Islam
Professor Robert Gleave

Al-Qaeda since 9/11
Dr Alia Brahimi

Free will and modern science
Professor Richard Swinburne FBA

Re-imagining policing post-austerity
Professor Andrew Millie and Dr Karen Bullock

The future of social sciences and humanities in Horizon 2020
Máire Geoghegan-Quinn

British Academy President’s Medal

Mark Blackburn (1953-2011) and the Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles
Professor Simon Keynes FBA

Records of Social and Economic History
Professor Richard M Smith FBA

The heritages of the modern Greeks
Professor Peter Mackridge

When Homer met Phantasia: fiction, epic poetry and entertainment literature in Byzantium
Dr Aglae Pizzone

End of empire and the English novel
Professor Susheila Nasta

Mr Gladstone, Carlton House Terrace and the mind of a statesman
Professor Sir David Cannadine FBA

Individual electoral registration and the future of representative democracy
Professor Ron Johnston FBA and Professor Iain McLean FBA

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Number of pages: 64

Publication date: 2012

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