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British Academy Review, Issue 21, January 2013

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The fruits of research in the humanities and social sciences.
As usual, this issue contains articles derived from the British Academy’s programmes of events and publications. But the issue concentrates on the Academy’s support for academic research.

You may download the whole issue, or click on the links below for individual articles.

In this issue (PDF file - 102 KB)

Eating fruit and vegetables gives your skin a golden glow (PDF file - 160 KB) 
David I Perrett, Ross D Whitehead and Gozde Ozakinci

The Polish-Lithuanian Union, 1386-1795 (PDF file - 155 KB) 
Robert Frost

Making a revolutionary generation in Ireland
Roy Foster

The working life of models
Erika Mansnerus

Earwitness evidence and the question of voice similarity
Kirsty McDougall

The true radicalism of the right to housing
Jessie Hohmann

British Academy Small Research Grants: an anniversary worth celebrating (PDF file - 148 KB)

Research on childhood and play: Drawing on the Opie legacy (PDF file - 137 KB) 
Jackie Marsh

Transcribe Bentham! (PDF file - 837 KB)

A failure of faith: Herbert Grierson, Thomas Carlyle, and the British Academy ‘Master Mind’ Lecture of 1940 (PDF file - 111 KB) 
David R Sorensen

British Academy Schools Language Awards 2012 (PDF file - 191 KB)

Recognising excellence (PDF file - 79 KB)

Scholarship and international relations 
Adam Roberts

A registration crisis? History and policy (PDF file - 106 KB) 
Simon Szreter and Keith Breckenridge

Civil society in Russia: Rural clubs and a ‘new popular education’ (PDF file - 123 KB)
W John Morgan and Grigori A Kliucharev

How did we become unprepared? Emergency and resilience in an uncertain world
Mark Duffield

Historians of science (PDF file - 118 KB)

From the archive: Charles Wakefield and the British Academy’s first home

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Number of pages: 72

Publication date: 2013

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