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The Legacy of Thatcherism: Assessing and exploring Thatcherite social and economic policies, edited by Stephen Farrall and Colin Hay
376 pages
978-0-19-726570-3  pbk    2014    available from OUP    £25.00

Addressing Tipping Points for a Precarious Future, edited by Tim O'Riordan & Tim Lenton
372 pages
978-0-19-726553-6  pbk    2013    available from OUP    £29.99

Writing the History of the Global: Challenges for the 21st Century, edited by Maxine Berg
228 pages
978-0-19-726532-1  pbk    2013, reprinted 2015    available from OUP    £21.99

Free Will and Modern Science, edited by Richard Swinburne
224 pages
978-0-19-726489-8  pbk    2011 (from 2015, manufactured on demand)    available from OUP    £18.99

The Role of Labour Standards in Development: From theory to sustainable practice? edited by Tonia Novitz & David Mangan
272 pages
978-0-19-726491-1  pbk    2011    available from OUP       £23.99

The Ages of Voluntarism: How we got to the Big Society, edited by Matthew Hilton & James McKay
200 pages
978-0-19-726482-9  pbk    2011    available from OUP    £15.99
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John Milton: Life, Writing, Reputation, edited by Paul Hammond & Blair Worden
224 pages
978-0-19-726470-6  pbk    2010    available from OUP    £21.99
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British Academy Occasional Papers


Dispossession and Displacement: Forced Migration in the Middle East and North Africa, edited by Dawn Chatty & Bill Finlayson
British Academy Occasional Paper 14    312 pages
978-0-19-726459-1  pbk    2010    available from OUP     £26.99
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Mexico City through History and Culture, edited by Linda A Newson & John P King
British Academy Occasional Paper 13    152 pages
978-0-19-726446-1  pbk    2009 (from 2012, manufactured on demand)    available from OUP    £18.99

 OP 11 OP 10

Creating the AHRC: An Arts and Humanities Research Council for the United Kingdom in the Twenty-first Century, by James Herbert
British Academy Occasional Paper 12    108 pages
978-0-19-726429-4  pbk    2008    available from OUP    £12.99

Cabinets and the Bomb, by Peter Hennessy
British Academy Occasional Paper 11    368 pages
978-0-19-726422-5  pbk    2007    available from OUP    £50.00
[article by Peter Hennessy, extracts]

The International Politics of EU–China Relations, edited by David Kerr & Liu Fei
British Academy Occasional Paper 10    336 pages
978-0-19-726408-9  pbk    2007    available from OUP    £29.99

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Marxist History-writing for the Twenty-first Century, edited by Chris Wickham
British Academy Occasional Paper 9    196 pages
978-0-19-726403-4  pbk    2007, repr 2008, 2011, 2014    available from OUP    £19.99

History, Commemoration, and National Preoccupation: Trafalgar 1805–2005  edited by Holger Hoock
British Academy Occasional Paper 8    140 pages
978-0-19-726406-5  pbk    2007    available from OUP    £20.00

Britain's Pensions Crisis: History and Policy, edited by Hugh Pemberton, Pat Thane & Noel Whiteside
British Academy Occasional Paper 7    280 pages
978-0-19-726385-3  pbk    2006    available from OUP    £26.99
[Reviewed in British Academy Review by Richard Wilson]

OP 6 OP 5 OP 4

British Sociology Seen from Without and Within, edited by A H Halsey & W G Runciman
British Academy Occasional Paper 6    154 pages
978-0-19-726342-6  pbk    2005    available from OUP    £16.99

Joined-Up Government, edited and introduced by Vernon Bogdanor
British Academy Occasional Paper 5    196 pages
978-0-19-726333-4  pbk    2005, repr 2006, 2008    available from OUP    £19.99

Images and Artefacts of the Ancient World, edited by Alan K Bowman & Michael Brady
British Academy Occasional Paper 4    164 pages
978-0-19-726296-2  pbk    2005    available from OUP    £35.00
[British Academy Review article by Alan Bowman]

OP 3 OP 2 OP 1

Hutton and Butler: Lifting the Lid on the Workings of Power, edited by W G Runciman [selected chapters]
British Academy Occasional Paper    142 pages
978-0-19-726329-7  pbk    2004, repr 2005 (from 2015, manufactured on demand)    available from OUP    £14.99
[Reviewed in British Academy Review by Richard Wilson]

Risk, Democratic Citizenship and Public Policy, edited by Albert Weale
British Academy Occasional Paper    150 pages
978-0-19-726283-2  pbk    2002    available from OUP    £14.99
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Information Technology and Scholarship: Applications in the Humanities and Social Sciences, edited by Terry Coppock [abstracts]
350 pages
978-0-19-726205-4  pbk    1999 (from 2005, manufactured on demand)    available from OUP    £40.00