British academy

Proceedings of the British Academy, Volume 128

Anglo-Scottish Relations, from 1900 to Devolution and Beyond

edited by William L Miller

Published 2005
for the British Academy by Oxford University Press

234 × 156 mm; 284 pages
hardback, ISBN 978-0-19-726331-0
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These essays trace the changing relationship between England and Scotland following the unifying reign of Queen Victoria, through the debates over devolution, and into a future where the Union will be under continuing pressure to evolve. Historians, social scientists and lawyers investigate the personal, social, financial and constitutional tensions between the Scots and the English, both before and after devolution, and ask have Scots and English been driven apart, or brought more closely together by this reconstruction of the Union? Building on its companion, this volume provides wide-ranging insights into what some may regard as 'unfinished business'.


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