British academy

British Academy Publications

The British Academy produces a wide range of publications, for academic and more general readerships.

What's new?
Listing of latest academic titles

Proceedings of the British Academy
Themed volumes of scholarly papers etc.

Journal of the British Academy
Open access journal publishing articles drawn from the Academy's lecture programme

British Academy Review
Open access magazine showcasing the work of the British Academy

British Academy Scholarship Online
Online access, as part of Oxford University Press's University Press Scholarship Online

British Academy Monographs
Work by outstanding British Academy-supported early-career scholars

British Academy Original Paperbacks
Paperback volumes on topics of current interest

Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy
Open access publication of extended obituaries of Fellows of the British Academy


Miscellaneous academic publications
Some research publications not in series

British Academy Policy Centre reports
Reports on public policy issues

British Academy Blog
Opinion pieces related to the work of the Academy