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BAR 12British Academy Review, Issue 12, January 2009

The two leading articles in this issue address topics of current public interest - trust in our public institutions and reconciliation of long-term conflicts.

This issue also has a strong international flavour. Articles reveal both the impact of globalisation at the local level, and how local situations can defy simple global assumptions – as well as showcasing the wide range of scholarship on international subjects that is supported by the British Academy.

The whole issue may be downloaded in PDF format (2.4MB). The articles listed below in blue are also available separately in PDF format.


Trust in Public Life, Lord (Richard) Wilson of Dinton

The Good Friday Belfast Agreement, Ten Years On, Professor Marianne Elliott FBA

Global perspectives

Latin America, the Caribbean, and the British Academy, Professor Linda Newson FBA

Not the Incas? Weaving Archaeology and Language into a Single New Prehistory, Dr Paul Heggarty and Dr David Beresford-Jones

De-centring our Gaze: The Urban Slums of Brazil, Venezuela and Bolivia, Dr Jeremy Lester

Mexico City’s Metro (A Voyage to the End of the Squeeze), Carlos Monsiváis

Empire beyond the Imperial Domain: British Colonial Encounters in Cuba, Dr Jorge L. Giovannetti

Endangered whales, endangered humans: Wildlife management in the Canadian Arctic, Dr Martina Tyrrell

Shoes and social fabrics: Exploring the Journeys and Life-worlds of a Pair of Flip-flops, Professor Caroline Knowles, with photographs by Michael Tan

The Rise of Islamic Radicalism in Tanzania, Dr Felicitas Becker

Georgia, the ‘Man in the Leopard’s Skin’: The Past, Present and Future of Georgia’s Middle Eastern Communities, Professor Harry Norris

Lessons from the Icelandic Bond Market, Francis Breedon

In brief

Psalms for King James: Jean Servin’s Music for George Buchanan’s Latin Psalm Paraphrases (1579), Professor James Porter

Around the British Academy

Punching Our Weight: The Humanities and Social Sciences in Public Policy Making

Lessons from the Aberfan disaster and its aftermath, Professor Iain McLean FBA

Leopold Schweich and his Family, Professor Graham Davies FBA

From the Archive: John Milton, 1608 to 2008 (via 1908)

64 pages. Published January 2009