British academy

British Academy Review, Issue 16, October 2010

This issue shows scholarship shedding light on a range of policy and other topical issues.

The whole issue may be downloaded in PDF format (1MB). The articles listed below in blue are also available separately in PDF format.

Government spending

The 2010 Spending Review: Implications for the state and its reach, Professor Andrew Gamble FBA

Universities and research under the axe, Professor Sir Adam Roberts FBA

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences: Why Should We Care?, Tim Brassell

Political decision-making in a crisis, Dr Catherine Haddon

Happy Families?, Dr Simon Griffiths and Emma McKay

Psychology and Climate Change: Collective Solutions to a Global Problem, Professor David Uzzell

Africa’s Neglected Chronic Disease Burden: setting priorities for research, practice and policy, Dr Ama de-Graft Aikins

Identity and the ‘other’

Islam and Muslims in the UK, Dr Tahir Abbas

‘Multicultural’ London, Professor Pat Thane FBA

The ‘other’ in Italy, Professor David Forgacs

New finds at Star Carr, Dr Chantal Conneller, Dr Nicky Milner and Barry Taylor

From Land’s End to John o’Groats: A Fundraising Challenge, Professor Sir Adam Roberts FBA

40 pages. Published October 2010