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British Academy Review, Issue 23, February 2014

Eleven perspectives on how the humanities and social sciences enrich our lives

The whole issue may be downloaded in PDF format (1.5 MB). The articles listed below in blue are also available separately.

In this issue (PDF file - 65 KB)

Eleven Fellows of the British Academy in conversation

Nicholas Stern (PDF file - 184 KB)  (Economics)

Diarmaid MacCulloch (PDF file - 151 KB)  (History)

Conor Gearty (PDF file - 136 KB)  (Law)

Mary Beard (PDF file - 159 KB)   (Classics)

Anthony Heath (PDF file - 164 KB)  (Sociology)

Peter Hennessy (PDF file - 209 KB)  (History)

Hazel Genn (PDF file - 117 KB)  (Law)

Jonathan Bate (PDF file - 170 KB)  (English Literature)

John Kay (PDF file - 129 KB)  (Economics)

Vicki Bruce (PDF file - 175 KB)  (Psychology)

Adam Roberts (PDF file - 131 KB)  (International Relations)

This issue of the British Academy Review has been produced as part of the British Academy's Prospering Wisely project.

72 pages. Published February 2014