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Schweich Lectures on Biblical Archaeology

In 1907, in memory of her father Leopold, Miss Constance Schweich endowed a fund ‘devoted to the furtherance of research in the archaeology, art, history, languages and literature of Ancient Civilisation, with reference to Biblical Study’. One fruit of the fund was the foundation of this lecture series. The lecture was first delivered in 1908.

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2016 Re-excavating Jerusalem: Archival archaeology, by Kay Prag

2013  Levantine Epigraphy and History in the Achaemenid Period, by André Lemaire

2010  Religion and Community in the Roman Near East: Constantine to Mahomet, by Fergus Millar

2008  Archaeology and the Bible: A Broken Link? by Graham Davies

2007  Ugaritic and the Beginnings of the West-Semitic Literary Tradition, by Dennis Pardee

2004  Ashkelon, Seaport of the Canaanites and the Philistines, by Lawrence Stager

2001  Idols of the People: Miniature Images of Clay in the Ancient Near East, by Roger Moorey

1998  Symbol Systems of Ancient Palestine, in the Light of Scarabs and Similar Seal-amulets, by Othmar Keel

1995  Translating the Bible: The Ethiopic Version of the Old Testament, by Michael A Knibb

1992  Ancient Interpretation of Sacred Books, by Henry Chadwick

1989  The Bible in the Syriac Churches, by S P Brock

1986  The Variable Spellings of the Hebrew Bible, by James Barr

1984  Mari and the Early Israelite Experience, by Abraham Malamat

1983  Nebuchadrezzar and Babylon, by D J Wiseman

1977  Manuscript, Society and Belief in Early Christian Egypt, by Colin H Roberts

1976  Some Aspects of Hittite Religion, by O R Gurney

1974  Mari et l'Ancien Testament, by André Parrot

1972  The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, by Charles Coüasnon

1970  Hazor, by Yigael Yadin

1967  Ethiopia and the Bible, by Edward Ullendorff

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