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Professor Alan Macfarlane

Emeritus Professor of Anthropological Science, University of Cambridge; Fellow, King's College, Cambridge

History, Social & Cultural Anthropology, Other Branches

Past appointments
Reader in Historical Anthropology University of Cambridge (1981 - 1991)
Fellow King's College University of Cambridge (1981 - )
Professor of Anthropological Science University of Cambridge (1991 - 2009)
Professor of Anthropological Science, University of Cambridge University of Cambridge (1991 - )
Emeritus Professor University of Cambridge (2009 - )

Principal publications
Japan Through the Looking Glass, 2007
The origins of English individualism, 1978
The savage wars of peace, 1998
The making of the modern world, 2002
The diary of Ralph Josselin, 1616-1683, (_RSEH ns_ 3, 1976)


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