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British Academy Mid-Career Fellowships

British Academy Mid-Career Fellowships

The Mid-Career Fellowships are designed both to support outstanding individual researchers with excellent research proposals, and to promote public understanding and engagement with humanities and social sciences.

• Research Funding

The British Academy intends, through this scheme of Mid-Career Fellowships, both to support outstanding individual researchers with excellent research proposals, and to promote public understanding and engagement with humanities and social sciences.


Application Timetable - Mid-Career Fellowships Outline Stage 2017


Scheme Opens - 10 August 2017

Deadline for Applicants - 20 September 2017 (5pm BST)

Deadline for Institutional Approval - 21 September 2017 (5pm BST)

Deadline for Referees - 20 September 2017 (5pm BST)

Result of Outline Stage Announcement - December 2017

*In a change to the Academy’s previous practice, the reference must be submitted before the application can be approved. Any application without a supporting reference will not be able to be submitted.


Aim of the award

The aim of the scheme is to allow  successful applicants to obtain time freed from normal teaching and  administrative commitments. The time bought by the scheme should be devoted to  the completion of a major piece of research, and the Academy will also look for  evidence of a clear commitment to a strategy of public engagement with and  communication of the results of the research during the period of the  Fellowship.   

Scope of the award

The awards support outstanding  individual researchers and outstanding communicators who will promote public  engagement and understanding of the humanities and social sciences. Applicants will  be asked in their proposal to set out specific plans for the dissemination of  their research to a broad audience, in addition to publication in the usual  academic press and journals. Awards will be judged both on the excellence of  the research proposed and on the capacity of the applicant to communicate with  a broad audience. Applicants are invited to indicate ways in which their  proposed programme will contribute to advances in understanding, including  public understanding, in their subject area and to the identification of  appropriate strategic priorities in the social sciences and humanities.


These Fellowships are awards to  individuals employed at UK universities or other UK institutions of higher  education, and the Academy is looking particularly to support mid-career  scholars. The Academy takes no account of an applicant’s physical age or  current status in determining eligibility for these awards. Rather, these  awards are intended primarily to provide opportunities for scholars who have  already published works of intellectual distinction or have established a  significant track record as an excellent communicator and ‘champion’ in their  field, and who are normally within no more than 15 years from the award of  their doctorate. In considering eligibility, the Academy will make due  allowance for applicants who have had career breaks, and for established  scholars who do not have doctorates.

Level of Grant

These Fellowships are covered under  the Full Economic Costing (FEC) regime, but the Academy’s contribution to the  salary of the Mid-Career Fellow will be capped at an upper limit of £80,000. It  is not expected that the total value of an award will exceed £160,000 (BA  contribution to FEC). Awards can be held over a minimum of 6 months and a  maximum of 12 months.

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