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Dissemination of British Academy lectures

A note on the different ways in which the outputs from the British Academy's lecture programme have been made available.

Since the beginnings of the British Academy's lecture programme, a record of most lectures has been produced, so that the content can be communicated beyond those attending the event in person. The formal publication of the lecture as an article has always been an objective. More recently, audio or video recordings have also been produced for most lectures. The typical pattern of output coverage is listed here:

Lectures up to 1964
Article published in Proceedings of the British Academy, not currently available

Lectures 1965-2000
Article published in Proceedings of the British Academy, available in Proceedings open access archive

Lectures 2001-2011
Article published in Proceedings of the British Academy available in British Academy Scholarship Online (not an open access resource)
From 2003, selective audio recordings available

Lectures 2012 onwards
Article published in open access Journal of the British Academy
Audio or video recordings available

Note: The Schweich Lectures on Biblical Archaeology have always been published in book form in a series of their own.

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