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Dr Ulrike Fasbender

Assistant Professor

Work and Organisational Psychology

Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany

Research Topics: 

Diversity Management, Intergenerational Relations and Knowledge Exchange, Job Search and (Re)employment, Late Career Development, and Transition to Retirement.

Host Institution:

Department of Organizational Psychology

Birkbeck, University of London

Project Title:

Being Socially Mindful at Work: A Dyadic Approach to Understanding Intergenerational Contact and Co-worker-Support Behaviour

Project Description:

The purpose of Dr. Fasbender's visit is to develop a new research collaboration with a topic area specialist at Birkbeck and together advance testable theories mapping the underlying mechanisms and benefits of intergenerational contact in the workplace. Specifically, we will be using a dyadic approach to uncover the crossover of motivational mechanisms between older and younger co-workers.

During Dr. Fasbender's visit, she will collect and analyse longitudinal dyadic data from a sample of British workers (i.e., each dyad will compose of an older and a younger co-worker). For the first time, she will test a bi-directional model that assesses how social mindfulness (empathic concern and perspective taking) can mediate the relationship between intergenerational workplace contact and co-worker-support behaviours of both younger and older workers. In addition to testing this theoretical model, Dr. Fasbender will develop new lines of intergenerational co-worker contact theory to pursue in the future.

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