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Global Perspectives: in conversation with Noam Chomsky

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Professor Noam Chomsky's work over the past 60 years has profoundly changed the way we think about language. In this event he talked about his reflections on a lifetime of linguistics research and as one of the leading thinkers of our time.


Professor Noam Chomsky FBA
Linguist, philosopher and political activist; Emeritus Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT.

Chaired by Melvyn Bragg Hon FBA

Professor Chomsky’s visit to the UK was supported by the S T Lee Fund as part of our 'Global Perspectives' series. 

Noam Chomsky, linguist, philosopher and political activist, is Emeritus Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT. He was elected to the Fellowship of the British Academy in 1974. Search The British Academy archives for a diverse selection of informative lectures by a broad range of speakers.

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