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Presidential Addresses

The President of the British Academy always delivers an address to the Annual General Meeting. Cumulatively, they provide snapshots of the Academy’s activities and concerns over the years.

Click on the blue links for full or edited texts.

1983  Owen Chadwick

1982  Owen Chadwick

1981  Kenneth Dover

1980  Kenneth Dover

1979  Kenneth Dover

1978  Isaiah Berlin

1977  Isaiah Berlin

1976  Isaiah Berlin

1975  Isaiah Berlin

1974  Denys Page

1973  Denys Page

1972  Denys Page

1971  Kenneth Wheare

1970  Kenneth Wheare

1969  Kenneth Wheare

1968  Kenneth Wheare

1967  Lionel Robbins

1966  Lionel Robbins

1965  Lionel Robbins

1917  James Bryce (‘The Next Thirty Years’)

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